Neo-mint will dominate in 2020

From runway to hallway, fashion and interior design trends have long since been intertwined, and as our digital age has grown, so has the speed of congruence between the two industries.

If you follow the runway shows, then you are aware there’s a new big trend: Pastels used as the new Neutrals.

Marjan Sies

The hottest new “it” color is Neo-Mint. From a fashion perspective, Mint embodies the drive towards tones that have a gender-neutral appeal.


The color was first picked out by the trend forecasters WGSN for the year 2020 after carrying out extensive research on street fashion, sales of online retailers, current affairs and social media.

How will we use Neo-Mint?

Will Neo-mint as a neutral in fashion translate over to interiors? It possibly could. Colors opposite on the color wheel always pop when placed together.

via Inside Out

Mint green could be a great way for designers to transition away from the typical Modern farmhouse and Coastal styled interiors.

via HGTV

Soft, washed pastels like mint greens and sandy pinks will totally re-imagine simple modern interiors.

Emerald Heart via Etsy

If a big decor commitment isn’t really your thing, no problem! Try a removable wallpaper.

Neo-Mint would definitely work as an accent color on a Key West-style home with Bahama shutters but, here it works on a contemporary home exterior.

Only time will tell if this color prediction will come true. The good news if you have a while to decide how you’d like to use it. I’m sure I’ll pick up an accessory or two.

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