Pantone Home and Interiors 2017 Color Trends

Half of 2016 is already over and it’s again when designers start looking to 2017 Color Trends. My first post for the up coming year starts with the biggest influencer of them all, Pantone.

Leatrice (Lee) Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute; unveiled the nine color palettes for 2017 from PantoneView Home + Interiors in her annual seminar at the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago.

It takes me weeks to curate my collection of images for each palette. I used pictures of the palettes from Pantone’s display at the International Home + Housewares Show.

Each year Pantone pulls inspiration from current design trends (like metallics and black and white imagery), as well as bright colors from the film industry,most notably from films like Star Wars: The Force Awakes, The Peanuts Movie, and Disney’s Inside Out.

“The expectation level of the consumer goes up when these colors are seen on the big screen. They say: ‘Why can’t I translate this into a product at home?”

The key color and design trends shared by Eiseman are: the rising use of maps – both traditional and contemporary – as a design element; the resurgence of black and white imagery; power-clashing – “the use of unexpected color combinations that seem to be discordant but yet they still work”; pixilated and digitized patterns; and the popularity of green, both as the color of nature and of health and wellness.

Day Dreaming


This palette is a continuation of the Color of the Year pastel theme, with colors that evoke thoughts that are light and weightless….in contrast to the heaviness of day-to-day stresses. A key here is that other colors, such as Yellow Iris and a Nile green, are used to expand on the blue and pink.

(If you love the wall mural, you can get your own Here from Pixers)

At Ease


A step from Day Dreaming, At Ease is grayed down for more of a sophisticated feel. A variety of ever popular neutrals, both cool and warm, are blended with muted tones in a way that seems effortless.

Native Instincts


Style-wise, current and future forecasts point to a homogenous mix of design and color where a piece of Native American pottery is compatible with a Turkish kilim carpet and/or a pre-Columbian artifact. Likewise, this palette offers bold colors like a smoky orchid and a Carmine red along with softer Earth tones.



Just like its name implies, Florabundant is filled with the sumptuous beauty of rich floral hues. This palette offers a lot of drama from Pink Yarrow, Chrysanthemum, Red Dahlia and Baton Rouge and includes varying shades of green.

Acquired Taste


In both food and surroundings, an acquired taste means an appreciation for the distinctively different. Such is the case with this palette which offers a mix of colors and/or textures not commonly seen together, yet they combine for a palette that is subtly luxurious. Colors include Orange Chiffon, Pale Gold, Mulberry, Brandied Melon, a dove gray and a muted pink.

Forest Bathing

Pantone 2017 Color Trends - Forest bathing - KitchAnn Style

This stress-reducing palette is inspired by the Japanese practice of “Shinrin-yoku” or forest bathing. Studies have shown that a contemplative walk in the woods reconnects the individual with nature and elevates their mood. Several shades of green and blue-green are enlisted, which are contrasted by Grape Kiss and a refreshing Acid Lime.



A different kind of walk – a walk down memory lane – is the mood conveyed here. Traditional shades like Maritime Blue, Sepia Tint and Rattan convey a sense of nostalgia and stability, but the mix of new colors like murky Martini Olive and Bird’s Egg Green keep the palette feeling fresh.

Raw Materials

Raw Materials | KitchAnn style

Both the re-use and re-purposing of materials from nature and the health and wellness movement are represented in this palette. Zephyr Pink offers an unexpected pop of color against the many, more natural tones.

Graphic Imprints

Pantone 2017 Color Trends - Graphic imprints - KitchAnn style

Described by Eiseman as “great fun,” this palette starts with a base of black and white but then pulls in a series of strong, vibrant colors with names that tell a story themselves: Blazing Yellow, Dazzling Blue, Prism Pink, Fandango Pink, Opaline Green and Orange Popsicle.

“Rescue is the new buzzword that is replacing recycling, and handcrafted and raw materials are seeing a resurgence.

Overall, the unilateral approach to color and trend toward gender neutrality continues in the upcoming season. Enthusiastically responding to a public that is more comfortable with color as expression and less concerned with stereotypical ideas about gender, we see a breadth of color choices that transcend sexual identity, preference or bias.

The PantoneView Home Book 2017 and PantoneView Home + Interiors 2017 color guide with swatches of all 81 forecasted colors can be purchased right here. Which is your favorite so far?

UPDATE: PANTONE has announced Greenery 15-3043 as their Color of the Year for 2017. See how it looks with 10 Palettes inspired by these trends.

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