PPG Color of the Year 2024: Limitless

A contemporary honey beige with a light airy vibe has been designated by PPG’s brand Gliddon as it’s Color of the Year 2024. Limitless (PPG1091-3) contains both the power of a primary color and the essence of a neutral to support both cool and warm tones.

PPG Color of the Year 2024 Limitless paint blob

“The world’s entering this new era of explosive creativity and change,” says Ashley McCollum, PPG’s color expert for the Glidden brand. “We’re starting to see this unmatched desire from consumers to really express their personality in whatever way makes them happy.”

PPG Color of the Year 2024: Limitless wall
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Subdued, sophisticated and calming, Limitless reflects a shift in consumer preferences towards warmer, less saturated colors for everything from toasters to architectural elements.

PPG Color of the Year 2024: Limitless on door Trim
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Limitless is a more adaptable paint color than PPG 2023 COTY Vining Ivy; in that plays into the current popularity surrounding creative neutrals.

PPG Color of the Year 2024: Limitless accent color
MGallery Nest Paris hotel

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Limitless works with both warm and cool tones such as shaded whites, delicate pastels, earthy neutrals, softened jewel tones and bold, bright hues. The color also pairs well with popular black and brass metal tones and silver and bronze finishes.

PPG Color of the Year 2024: Limitless
Lindsey Lane Design

Along with this signature shade, PPG’s global color experts curated a color palette of more than 40 complementary hues, organized in three distinct color palettes, or “volumes.” The first features soft, grounded colors; the second includes earthy greens, florals and energizing blues; and the third is a beautiful mix of playful and dramatic colors.

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