Design in 2017 Will be More Authentic

As we look in the rear view mirror at 2016 we greet 2017 with the desire to reboot, reprioritize and seek authenticity.

PANTONE understood these needs when they selected Greenery as the Color of the Year for 2017. According to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, Greenery “symbolizes the reconnection we seek with nature, one another and a larger purpose.”

2017 Design Trends | Kitchann Style

The tangy yellow-green is linked to the holistic power of plants. Plant-based foods are moving from the side dish to the entrée plate. On the table, Greenery inspired plates and vessels provide an appetizing backdrop to food.

2017 Design Trends | Kitchann Style

2017 might be the year that the curiously appealing Swedish ethos of lagom enters the popular consciousness.  Lagom can be defined as normal or in moderate balance, but it also has an undertone of “not too much or too little” as well as “just right” or “just enough.”

Pronounced with a hard “G,” the term is said to come from the Viking phrase laget om, or “around the team,” meaning that you should take only a sip of the mead that’s being passed around so that no one is left without.

Lagom underpins all that we’ve come to admire in Scandinavians: a quiet confidence, functional architecture, pared-back design, and wholesomeness. Incorporating lagom into our lives relates to my thoughts in my last post about having too much technology. Being able to multi-task and order everything from groceries to a taxi  won’t bring us any more contentment.

The search for our Fresh start brings forth the “Return to Nature” trend that has been gaining ground since the recent Home Market. Natural textures and fibers are the star of this trend mixed with stone, wood grains and pops of black reminiscent of forged iron.

As homeowners work on re-prioritizing there is a shift taking place in which they want to own fewer better quality items. People are also opting for a “lived-in” look rather than a minimal look.

How to put it together

The new Modern Farmhouse trend is a leading look for 2017. This trend incorporates a sophisticated palette of whites, taupes and creams with a pop black and natural greenery.

As you begin remodeling, start with a good foundation for your design. Select your floor – especially if it will be used in multiple rooms – since it will be seen from various areas of the home.

2017 Design Trends | Kitchann Style

This tumbled marble floor has a satin feel that is perfect for the modern farmhouse aesthetic. Natural stone flooring is incredibly durable, and when treated properly, can stand the test of time.


If you opt for the warmth and beauty of a wood floor, nothing beats the splendor of a waterfall edge on the kitchen island and a full-height backsplash on your focal wall. Using a waterfall edge on your island adds a modern touch while allowing the natural veining of the stone to be showcased.

Modern dark Farmhouse | KitchAnn Style

The modern farmhouse will predominately feature matte black fixtures or brushed gold. Brushed gold is the modern take on the once popular antique brass.

White cabinets will always be a popular choice for kitchens but taking ques from Design and Construction week this January in Orlando, satin black cabinets will be hot in 2017. I especially like them paired with dark countertops with such as the new Marquina from Silestone.

2017 Modern Farmhouse | KitchAnn Style

The modern farmhouse kitchen wouldn’t be complete without a great pendant light fixture. The latest fixtures are sustainable in design – another key tenet of lagom – with LED bulbs providing adequate light with energy savings and without unwanted heat.

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