Dunn Edwards Color + Design 2020

With another paint company launching their predictions for color trends in 2020 come more promises of deep colors that welcome a new decade filled with optimism and joyful life experiences. Dunn-Edwards Paints has released its Color + Design  2020 Trends Report, Optimistic Endeavors, which defines five key themes of how culture has influenced the design world.

Dunn Edwards Color + Design 2020

The Silk Road, where East meets West, evoking exotic ornamentation and riches. With influences from Asia and historic royal Russian cultures, we’ll see Neo Baroque and Art Deco expressed in both simplicity and extravagance.

Reds are maximalist, exaggerated, full of flare. Touched by historic Art Deco and Medieval influences, red symbolized a new eclecticism. Gradients of flame and charred red showcase a dazzling display of dark hues set alight.

American Horror Story Set, Hotel Cortez


Fresh and Free reflects a healthy lifestyle with comfortable denim and chambray, and a clean, light palette. Think dreamy soft, milky, mint green and ice blue.

This movement touches off a new decade of fresh starts full of tangy brightness and watercolor effects, grounded greens, and watery blues.  Innovation is always in the pursuit of wellness, and this caring approach combines technology with the natural world. Subtle hints of surrealism create a base for the soft visionary who looks inward for solutions.

via BHG

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Neu Traditions. Feminine softness paired with girl power. This trend embodies a desire for history and vintage looks, with glamour redefined. Modern and traditional emerge bold and sophisticated, yet somewhat girly.

In a combination of opposites, Neu Traditions is inspired by a return to traditional design with softened edges, highlighting a modern artisanal quality to classic elements.

Lolita Cafe byTrije arhitekti and Kaval Group, Slovenia

Co-Habitants. Especially strong is a global influence, with a snapshot of cultures and nature from around the world – neutral palettes eco-colors, animal patterns and masks. Textures of cotton, wood, bamboo and even snakeskin will rule.

We are living in a “co” everything world — co-living, co-working, co-sharing — so silence is a luxury. Street style and luxury fashion collide to create an amalgamated aesthetic that straddles between high and low culture.

Home of Thomas Lerooy by OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen

Playtime, inspired by summer vibes with tropical, Caribbean and Mexican influences. Think bright, fruity colors.

Monteverdi Tuscany by Ilaria Miani

A rebellion against minimalism, designers embrace a maximalist aesthetic, piling color on color, texture on texture, pattern on pattern. The past and the present collide to create joyful juxtapositions of clashing influences and aesthetics.

The Neu Traditions is my favorite Dunn Edwards palette, if you missed their choices for 2019, you can catch them here.

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