New Way to Organize Your Books

I design a fair amount of bookcases for dens or as part of entertainment centers and I am completely in love with a popular new way of displaying book collections.  Large collections are no longer arranged by title, author or genre, but by color.


It’s very eye-catching with rows of green books followed by rows of turquise colored books followed pale blue books.    It’s like instant literary art.

I suppose if your book collection is limited you could make your own book jackets and pick a particular color scheme such as jewel tones or beach-glass colors.  That’s one project I’d like to try if I could find the time.

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  1. Love it! What a fabulous idea. Along those same lines, one could group books in blocks of colors and if you have enough to work with, you could even create patterns across multiple shelves. Image a floor to ceiling wall of books, arranged in checkered patterns or something fun like that. Of course, this might make actually finding a particular book more difficult, but it sure would make a statement!

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