Sherwin-Williams 2015 Colormix Color Forecast

The Sherwin-Williams Colormix 2015 collection tells optimistic color stories that reflect a brightened outlook and adventurous spirit for the year ahead.

Sherwin-Williams color experts researched trends in art, fashion, science and pop culture to determine which 40 colors that make up the color forecast. The colors are grouped into four palettes: Chrysalis, Voyage, Buoyant and Unrestrained.

“We’re seeing a more cheerful approach to design and have forecasted colors that will provide a range of inspiration for designers to create fresh, joyful interiors.”  – Jackie Jordan, director of color marketing, Sherwin-Williams.


The colors in this palette evoke a calm oasis or a place to pause and find balance. With colors ranging from off-black to chalky neutrals and dusty blues, influence by the earth’s natural striations is easy to spot.

Chrysalis - color forecast 2015 | KitchAnn Style


The far-fetched, sci-fi dreams of past decades –like space tourism and undersea resorts –inspired this palette to look to such outer limits. It features hues that represent the color spectrum imagined while emerging from the water into the atmosphere, such as undersea teal, bright green kelp, light watery blue and deep space purple.

Voyage - color forecast 2015 | KitchAnn Style


Reminiscent of vintage floral patterns, this palette features light and deep greens, violets and a pop of coral. It was inspired by signs of growth and expansion post-recession and the natural healing of botanicals.

Buoyant - color forecast 2015 | KitchAnn Style


Inspired by a celebration of a carefree spirit, wanderlust and pulsing color, this palette features bold, ethnic-inspired colors and designs to the bohemian lifestyle. Created so each color can be used on its own for a pop of color or combined to create a vibrant, energetic space, it has saturated primary colors, like sunny yellow, lively turquoise and bright blue, as well as black and white.

Unrestrained - color forecast 2015 | KitchAnn Style

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