Trends I Expect to See at Design & Construction Week 2018

I always make it a priority to continue to provide my customers with the best construction materials and remodeling advice our industry has to offer.

This January I’ll be attending Design & Construction Week in Orlando. This is  the largest annual gathering of the residential design and construction industry that  features the co-location of the NAHB International Builders’ Show (IBS) and the National Kitchen & Bath Association’s Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS).

As one can imagine, when such industry powerhouses combine to throw an event meant to both inspire and connect design-build professionals with the most innovative resources and materials available on the market, their attendees would come home with a wealth of knowledge and ideas.

Here are my predictions for the top design trends for 2018  at the show this January:

Top design trends for 2018

Mid-century Modern

KBIS 2018 Design Trends 2018 on KitchAnn Style

Expect to see throwback-styled booths with modern elements. This bathroom from Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. is steeped in a 1950s design aesthetic. Mid-century modern designs fit well in contemporary homes and interiors. The designs were originally conceived for the smaller post-war home and still work in today’s urban settings and trend for living smaller.

Graphic Update

As mid-century modern design matures I predict there will be a move to retro Italian-style interiors with bold geometric tiles, interesting furniture forms and colored marble (RIP, white-on-white Scandinavian). Get ready to see a lot of soft coral salmon peach and walnut – it’s what’s coming.

KBIS 2018 Design Trends 2018 on KitchAnn Style


The original budget flooring of the 1970s, Terrazzo, will be a trending in 2018 and exhibitors like Ann Sacks will be showcasing modern updates far different from speckled institutional flooring that existed for so long.

KBIS 2018 Design Trends 2018 on KitchAnn Style


Intense colors seem to be a natural application for our intense lifestyles and thought processes these days.  Red was all over the runways in 2017, and  Benjamin Moore selected as their Color of the Year 2018 – we can absolutely expect to see it every which way in our home decor in 2018.

KBIS 2018 Design Trends 2018 on KitchAnn Style


No one can seem to agree on which metal is in style so expect to see black, matte gold, gold, copper and rose gold in addition to the expected chrome and stainless.

KBIS 2018 Design Trends 2018 on KitchAnn Style

Black & White

The combination of black and white is eternal, but like other classics, this nonchalant combination has become especially trendy this year and I expect it to stay strong through 2018.  For a pairing that makes such a strong contrast, the serenity lies in the perfect balance of opposite tones, especially when visual textures are involved.

KBIS 2018 Design Trends 2018 on KitchAnn Style

Metal Shelving

There seems to be a growing desire for high-end organization in our personal space, a desire for things—and life—to feel pulled together. I’m excited to see new aluminum modular shelving grow as a major trend in Kitchens and Home Entertainment Centers in 2018.

KBIS 2018 Design Trends 2018 on KitchAnn Style

2018 calls for more blending of styles, specifically a mix of minimal and maximal tendencies. Check back as I report my findings from the show and share how I might use these trends and newest material for my clients.


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