How Does Your Kitchen Garden Grow?

National Gardening Day on April 14 is the perfect time for families and new gardeners to pick up some seeds and dig in for a year of homegrown bounty.

I’ve featured appliances that aid in growing herbs and “herbs” on the blog in the past. Now, in celebration of National Gardening Day I’ve collected some of my favorite kitchen images with herbs and plants for cooking and mixology.

How Does Your Kitchen Garden Grow?
Robert Brown Interior Design, Atlanta GA

A recessed planter in a bay window is a great way to keep herbs happy with lots of natural light. You can do a whole trough of plants or drop in individual pots for easy of moving them in and out.

How Does Your Kitchen Garden Grow?
JLF Design Build, Bozeman, MT

Ever dream of a conservatory style kitchen? I think at some point we can’t deny our desire to bring the outside in.

How Does Your Kitchen Garden Grow?

Cooking with wellness was practicality the motto for the products launched at Eurocucina 2018 with many vendors incorporating herbs and plants into their displays.

How Does Your Kitchen Garden Grow?
via Pinterest

This is certainly one way to keep people from getting too close to a cooktop in an island.  I think this is an interesting concept for a Butler’s pantry or Scullery.

How Does Your Kitchen Garden Grow?
via Downsview

This is one of my favorite planter ideas – the recess in the island – shown in one of my favorite kitchens by Downsview.

For more inspiration, check out this article from Northern Michigan Magazine about using herbs and flowers in craft cocktails.


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