The New In-counter Cooling Cylinder

U-Chill In-counter Cooling Cylinder

The kitchen has always been the heart of the home and with homeowners requesting even more flexible use of spaces, the open floor plan and use of the kitchen for working and entertaining isn’t going to decrease any time soon. With the demand for flexible space I’m also seeing a rise in the request for smart storage solutions.

A new, innovative cooling system designed to maintain a near-constant temperature of chilled beverages while you enjoy them is sure to have multi-generation appeal. The U-Chill from U-line is an in-counter system perfect for champagne, craft beer, wine, bottle water or beverage carafes of your choice.

No Drips, No Maintenance

Using patented Kryolux™  technology, a curtain of cool air surrounds the bottle keeping it within 2-4 degrees of it’s opening temperature. The bottle stays dry so there are no annoying drips from the bottle or from condensation that often forms on the outside of ice bins.

U-Chill integrated bottle cooling cylinder


Endless Possibilities

What do you do when you take your bottle of prosecco or craft beer out of the refrigerator to serve it? Typically it sits out at room temperature, warming up quickly, or it’s placed into an ice bucket, cooling it down too much, resulting in flavor compromise. If you’ve carefully stored your beverage at the optimum temperature, shouldn’t you enjoy it that way too?

As long as your bottle is under 3-7/8” in diameter, it will fit in the U-Chill unit.

American Mainstream Light Lagers33° – 40° F
Pale Lagers, Pilsners38° – 45° F
Cream & Blonde Ales40° – 45° F
Nitro Stouts40° – 45° F
Belgian Pale Ales, Abbey Tripels40° – 45° F
Wheat Beers40° – 50° F
Lambics40° – 50° F
Dark Lagers45° – 50° F
American Pale Ales & IPAs45° – 50° F
Stouts, Porters45° – 55° F
Strong Lagers50° – 55° F
Real & Cask Ales50° – 55° F
Belgian Dubbels50° – 55° F
Light dry whites, rosés40° – 50° F
Champagne, sparkling wines47° – 50° F
Full-bodied whites & light, fruity reds50° – 60° F
Full-bodied red wines and Ports60° – 65° F

Temperature suggestions via the and 

For more integrated wine and beverage solutions check out the  Winesteward  and this extra narrow wine cooler.

U-Chill integrated bottle cooling cylinder

Color Your Mood

With a simple tap, you can select from 27 LED color options or choose the color-flow setting.  The U-Chill will automatically go into stand-by mode after 4 hours of use.


The U-Chill will work with countertops from 1/16- 2-1/2″ in thickness provided there is 15-3/4″ clear below it. In some circumstances ventilation may be required so check with your kitchen specialist to determine if other cabinet modifications might be needed. The U-Chill is intended to be used in ambient
temperatures between 50-90ºF (10-32ºC). The U-Chill can be installed on yachts but should be kept away from chlorinated water such as hot tubs.

The U-Chill retails for around $1,000.00

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