Indoor Gardening Appliances

With CES and KBIS right around the corner, the announcements are pouring in for new gadgets and appliances to be on display in Las Vegas.

LG Electronics (LG) will unveil an indoor gardening appliance at CES 2020, joining Danby, in the booming indoor gardening movement.

The new built-in column-style indoor gardening appliance will most likely be sold under the Signature Kitchen Suite (SKS) label  as a companion to the existing refrigeration and wine columns. It will incorporate advanced light, temperature and water control, convenient all-in-one seed packages and a growth-monitoring app to help users cultivate nutrient-rich and flavorful greens inside their own homes.

Indoor Gardening Appliances
via LG

“Utilizing flexible modules, the appliance replicates optimal outdoor conditions by precisely matching the temperature inside the insulated cabinet with the time of day. LED lights, forced air circulation, and wick-based water management allow seeds to transform quickly into ingredients for delicious recipes and dishes.”

Indoor Gardening Appliances cater to seed packages

A key component of the automated gardening solution is LG’s non-circulating water supply technology, which evenly distributes the exact amount of water that the plant packages require. This core technology prevents algae growth and prevents unpleasant odors for a hygienic environment where natural herbs and leafy vegetables can grow.

In similar news, Miele (not showing at CES) acquired the assets of the German company, Agrilution, makers of the Plantcube indoor vertical farm.

Agrilution’s Plantcubes look very similar to a Liebherr built-in wine cooler. The automated systems regulate the lighting, climate, and water levels plants receive, all key parts of delivering the right “recipe” of nutrients to crops grown in vertical farms

Indoor Gardening Appliances
via Agrilution

While hydroponic grow systems installed directly into cabinets are predicted to be a growing trend in the next decade, the question remains whether, in a world of on-demand food delivery, people will have the patience to grow their own greens. I think the larger appliances like LG’s will have harder time gaining a foothold while smaller and even portable appliances (in case homeowners change their mind) will be more appealing.

GE Appliances. a Haier company, will showcase two inventive kitchen concepts at CES 2020 – “Shift” and “HomeGrown”

Shift is a tech-powered, personalized, inclusive, flexible design that transforms a single living space in real-time, adapting to the personalized needs of the different people living there. The connected, tech-forward space is accessible for a range of physical statures, ages and abilities, utilizing face and voice recognition technology to determine available features, height adjustments and appliance functionality.

The GE Appliances vision for HomeGown will replace Farm to Table with Counter to Table. GE will display a visionary kitchen concept that “grows, stores and prepares food for the urban-dwelling realities of tomorrow – all while maximizing energy and water efficiency and reducing food waste.”

HomeGrown offers three different gardening systems – Aeroponics, Hydroponics and Soil  – that enable in-kitchen plant, produce and tree production. Water, nutrient and even light delivery is controlled through the user interface, which also guides the user through seeding, harvesting and even preparing crops.

Indoor Gardening Appliances with Aeroponics example
via GE

The HomeGrown kitchen’s appliances, storage and counter recognize whole and packaged foods, adjust storage and cooking temperature, detect freshness and expiration dates, assist in portioning and preparation and deliver nutritional information, all enabling a more mindful experience in and out of the kitchen.

The new concept from GE will be interesting to watch and see how it develops. Share your thoughts on being able to grown your own herbs and vegetables in a smaller footprint. Do you like the idea or do you feel the relaxation that gardening provides to so many will be lost and this concept will never fully develop?

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