Key Colors for 2021

The Color Marketing Group (CMG) has revealed four Key Colors for 2021 for each main geographical region: North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific.


The 2021+ North American key color is “Mist,” a color that exudes optimistic confidence and the hopeful resolve to achieve personal and societal goals. Mist’s pale blue hue, touched with a whisper of toned grey and minimal chroma, is spirited in its lightness.

Mist will emerge determinedly into the newly established decade as it encompasses the mood, desire, and fantasy of new growth. Its lightness reflects an uninhibited look at the future and it embodies the yearning for ease and a release from discord. In addition, Mist has a sense of forward movement to seek carefree moments.

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“Mere sustainability is not enough, the goal is for rethinking uses for products, their waste and byproducts. It is an encouraging moment for design and Mist is a color that suggests the transcendence in creating new products. “

Raison d’être

CMG’s 2021+ European key color, “Raison d’être” is a mid-range tan with a slight violet undertone that suggests both the natural and artificial worlds. Raison d’être embodies the directional thought processes, and the color trend, needed for a future of growth and innovation.

Raison d’être offers a color of balance to see lifestyles and the world on its many levels. At one moment there is a great appreciation of history, during another the driving desire to move forward. There are endless moments of discovery, looking back and forward.

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The 2021+ Latin American key color is “Renacer,” a highly saturated violet that connects nature and spirituality. The red and blue core of this color represent femininity and masculinity, and its high saturation suggests the energy of forward movement.

The transcendent nature of Renacer’s violet is also key, as the future holds new realms of personal energy and inner spirituality. With personal growth comes generosity that will extend to others, and the world, at large. A generous attitude creates a better existence for everything on the planet.

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Uni Coral

CMG’s 2021+ Asia Pacific key color is “Uni Coral.” This strong hybrid of orange and red is a color of extreme happiness that inspires both fun and the need for action. Uni Coral exudes motivation and drive, perfect for instant attention and long-lasting energy. It is the perfect color for a “pop-up” anything, fires the energy of the moment, and thrills with the exuberance of vitality.

If artificial intelligence was to have a color, it would be Uni Coral. Warm, electric, powerful, yet familiar, it has the attributes to take on personal requests and desires. From everyday appliances to home support devices, Uni Coral adds a sense of fun to everyday products, and a touch of global awareness, as well.

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Every year, CMG forecasts colors for two years in the future. The color forecasting process starts at the beginning of each year, with unique one- or two-day workshops called ChromaZones

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