Your New Fav Thing: Cold Brew Faucet

If you’ve ever woken up and wished something with a little more kick  came out of your filtration faucet instead of water, then your wish could come true very soon.

Kraus Brew Faucet

Kraus, a division of Delta Faucet, teased this idea a few years ago but it looks like it’s closer to coming to market. The Purita All-in-One Filtration Faucet with DuoPure is a fully integrated filter system with two lines capable of dispensing, water, beer, nitro coffee, or any other pressurized beverage.

Your New Fav Thing: Cold Brew Faucet

The Purita is designed to connect to a wide range of concealed under-counter water filtration systems, including simple filtration systems, Reverse Osmosis, Alkaline Ionizer, Activated Carbon, and UV Filters. Consult with your plumber to best determine your needs.

Your New Fav Thing: Cold Brew Faucet

To prevent cross contamination, the Purita has a  self-cleaning function that starts automatically after dispensing and all the remaining liquid is flushed from the filter lines. This unique feature prevents germs and bacteria from accumulating, and makes Purita the only integrated filter faucet system on the market that can be used to dispense beer or nitro coffee in addition to water.

No specs nor pricing is available yet for the Purita DuoPure filtration system.

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