Limited Edition Smeg Refrigerator

To fund her first so­­lo exhibition, South African film producer and photographer, Filipa Domingues has collaborated with Smeg to produce a collection of 4 limited-edition ‘CheckMyPlants’ retro refrigerators.

The unique pieces feature Domingues’s visually spectacular stills of iconic South African plants with Smeg’s black retro fridge as the canvas to perfectly emulate her signature style photography. The result is nothing short of spectacular.

Limited Edition Smeg Refrigerator artist

“Smeg has always had deep passion and appreciation for the arts and the opportunity to play a part in the creative expression of such a talented South African photographer is an absolute honor.” – Steve Brookes, Managing Director of Smeg South Africa.

Black on black kitchen inspiration with Fenix and Smeg FAB28
via Fenix

One of these new Smeg refrigerators would look amazing with Fenix-clad cabinetry.  Being able to offer my clients Fenix black cabinetry is ideal for kitchens where fingerprints are often a great concern. Contact me to learn more about this soft-touch, fingerprint-minimizing  option for your home.

Limited Edition Smeg Refrigerators

Limited Edition Smeg Refrigerator with Proteas print

Did you know when a protea bush is killed by fire, the seeds which are saved up over many years, are released recolonizing the area as quickly as possible?

Limited Edition Smeg Refrigerator with hybrid Aloe print

Before Hurricane Irma, we had a large aloe similar to this that had beautiful inflorescence . Fun fact, there are over 400 species in the family Aloe.

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Limited Edition Smeg Refrigerator with Kigelia Africana flower photo

The blood-red flowers of the South African sausage tree (Kigelia Africana) bloom at night on long, ropelike stalks that hang down from the limbs of this tropical tree.

Limited Edition Smeg Refrigerator Impala Lily

The Impala Lily, or Desert Rose, rarely blooms until it is 4 or 5 years old. As a caution, note that  all varieties of adeniums have toxic sap.

The ‘CheckMyPlants’ Smeg retro fridges are currently available exclusively to the supporters of Filipa Domingues’s Indiegogo fundraising campaign for $3,500 plus fees.

For more information or to support the cause by purchasing art prints to help launch this exhibition,  visit or follow Filipa Domingues on Instagram at @checkmyplants.

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