Top 5 Fall 2016 Kitchen Trends

This one picture captures the Top 5 Trends in Kitchen Design for the end of 2016, beginning of 2017.

2016 Kitchen Design Trends - KitchAnn Style

Bring the Outdoors In


Expect to see an increased use of fire elements in kitchens and grow lights for herb gardens as home owners seek to add more elements of warmth and nurturing to their homes.

Warm Metallics

Just like Fashion, copper and rose gold will be hot this fall going into next year.

Wood Veneers

As homeowners grow tired of Shaker Door styles in kitchens, they will set their sights on wooden veneer doors. Whether real wood or thermally fused melamine that looks just like wood, this trend will be popular in both semi-custom and full-custom cabinets.

LED Accent Lighting

As the price of LED lighting continues to drop and CRI improves, LED lighting won’t just be under upper wall cabinets. Designers will dramatically increase specifying LED ribbon lighting under shelves, toekicks and countertops, as well as inside drawers and in alcoves.

Jumbo Size Stone

It’s crazy to think that only 10 years ago an 18″ tile was considered an upgrade. Today’s  custom homes feature 24″ tiles as a standard and homeowners are offered 36″ tiles and 60″ long plank tiles as upgrades. Designers are also seeking to use single jumbo slabs for kitchen islands – especially in engineered stone.

Photo by Alfonso Calza


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