A Splash-Proof Tablet for Your Kitchen

The Qooq (that’s “cook,” get it?) was another gadget on display at the CES 2012 show. This French tablet, which already sells in France, is aimed at solving the problem of how to use a tablet in the kitchen where spills and greasy smudges are bound to happen.

This 10 inch tablet runs on Linux, not Android, nor Windows 8 and it will cost $400 when it comes to the states. This Linux  distribution has been customized for the Qooq and it  is loaded with many things a cook would want like recipes from renowned chefs, as well as related videos, an ingredient database, wine and cuisine tutorials and a regular culinary magazine.

As you would expect, it has built-in Wi-Fi, speakers and most other things you would expect in a tablet. It sports a 1GHz dual-core processor,  on the side, it has an SD card slot, an ethernet port, usb port and a headphone jack. In addition to that, it’s also splash-resistant, spill-resistant and drop-resistant.

The Qooq comes is your choice of red, black or cream with a  built-in kickstand.

Reports from the show say they poured wine over the tablet to show that it can take abuse. There is a subscription service for culinary magazine and 50 extra recipes a month.


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