Maytag Recalls 1.6 Million Refrigerators

Maytag Corp. is recalling about 1.6 million refrigerators due to an electrical failure in the compressor relay that can cause overheating and pose a serious fire threat.

The recall includes certain Maytag, Jenn-Air, Amana, Admiral, Magic Chef, Performa by Maytag and Crosley brand side-by-side and top-freezer refrigerators.

maytag side x side recallmaytag top-mount recallmaytag recall 2009


The affected refrigerators were sold in Department Stores and Appliance Stores nationwide between January 2001 and January 2004.  If your refrigerator is part of the recall, Maytag will provide a free in-home repair.

For more information, contact Maytag toll-free at  (866) 533-9817 anytime, or visit the firm’s Web site at

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    1. Our magic chef is 4 years old, the heater needs replacement but this part is discontinued therefore, its a trash now. Whirlpool said they will replace the unit on pro-rate basis, so after numerous calls and frustrating wait, they come up with this:

      we bought the unit at $598, served us for 4 years, to replace it we have to pay $378!!! This should serve us 12 years, for bereaking down in 4 years, we are penalized, we should have for free and also be compensated for the food that went bad due to the malfunction!! Ironic, because there are still Magic chef refs being sold at Home depot for sure the same quality, so beware because you will be told the same thing-Whirlpool cannot compensate you if you buy a better brand that is not from their company, and if you accept their repalcement, you will be paying almost the same price you have paid your damaged unit. Ridiculous!! Now, I have to send this unit to the dump !!!

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    1. If you live in Orange County, make sure that you don’t use AE Factory Service for your Refrigerator recall. Switched wires on rely when replaced. Had to come out second time to determine that compressor failed because of this. Was told by tech that they were training their tv and vcr repair guys to replace frig relay (and if you ask Maytag now they know of this and are still contracted with AandE). Came out a third time to replace compressor. Never plugged in fan to coils. Just realized this when noticec that wall between doors of frig was hot. Damaged bottom cover to refrigerator and wouldn’t replace. Called and asked to speak to escalation dept to get reinbursed for food loss, agent said there was none. Found out later there was! And now they say it is too late to make a claim.

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  3. My maytag refrigerator has broken three times. The first time it couse and explotion in the kitchen and stuff flew thro the cabinessts to the other side of the kitchen. So what do I have to do about the recall

  4. After speaking to a machine and (second call) to live person “Abel” at a call center in Texas, I was forwarded (in each case) to another machine telling me to call back another time.
    This is UNACCEPTABLE! Ilive alone and am nearly 80 years old – with cataracts it is difficult to reason with your methods or be patient with your lack of service in this serious matter.
    I will take the matter further if I do not hear from you in a positive and timely manner.

  5. Well too little too late for me. My Maytag mtf2156ge is probably part of the recall however I replaced it on 2-28-09 because it stopped working and a new one was less than repair. I don’t have the serial number so Maytag won’t do a darn thing to help me. My husband and I have replaced 3 of the 4 appliances purchased less than 6 years ago, dryer 2 years ago, range 6 months ago and the refrigerator 2 weeks ago. 2 maytag and 1 admiral never again we now go Hotpoint. Wish I had known about the problems with the refrigerator before I took it to the dump.

  6. I complained to Maytag about this problem in April of 2008.
    We were on Vacation in Dallas. When our children checked the house there was blood over the kithchen
    floor, that was comming from the freezer section of the refrigerator.

    They opened it and ever thing was ruined. Of course it had to be tossed out.
    We arrived home two weeks later. I called a tech to repair the frig.

    I sent email to Maytag. They wanted pictures of the badly burned part. I sent those.
    Along with the statement of loosing over $600.00 worth of food.

    I now find out there is a recall one year latter. They knew I had problem. Why was I not contacted immediatly.
    Now I will have to wait on the phone for God only knows how long to get and answer.

    The only reason our home was spared from catching on fire, is that the frig. was connected to a GFI, which opened when the frig started smoking.

  7. Back again. As I expected. A 17 minute wait on the phone. When I gave the lady
    my information, she said that her memo on my account had to have special attension.
    She put me through to another department. After a few moments a recording came on and said
    they were too busy and that I might try my call at another time. CLICK.

    Now I try the email portion. I filled out every thing. pushed submit. No submision, Try again
    Too busy.

    Now I am Pi*&^% off. I have waited a year already.

    I find the only email contact that I can give them the information plus the pictures of the
    defective part and asked them to foward to the correct department. 03/12/2009

  8. I can imagine that they are very busy since the recall is so large.

    I do not know how many official complaints they need from consumers before a recall is launched. I hope no one else has such horror stories.

  9. I am hoping that they will take my email into one of the first conciderations.
    I like another has complained of have had more than one problem with the frig. Taken care of myself.
    At with check book. As was out of warranty. I also purchased there Gas Range at the same time.
    Which is another night mare to clean the stove top. Another topic I know. But still a problem.

  10. sent you message and it wiped it out.I want americans making things for me.HMG611390 #ser1073434ouy.smoke no fire switch bad in ice-water switch

  11. Today is good. I was contacted by a very nice young lady from Maytag.
    A Maytag repair tech will being here by this Monday to install the new relay.

    I had the refrigerator repaired last April. Apparently Maytag wants there replacement part installed.

    Maytag is sending a check to me to pay for the first repair. There repair will be no charge.

    It took a while for them to figure out there was a problem. But they got on the horse and took off in order to get things going the correct direction.

    I am glad I stuck with it and did not give up.

  12. I talked with Stepheanie again yesterday afternoon. What a great customer service rep she is.

    We are set up for a Maytag tech to come in this Monday.

    She is sending an extra $100.00 to cover the food loss. Which is still shy about $500.00. But it is better than nothng at all.

    We talked about the problem I have with the range top being so hard to keep clean.Total differant problem, but she listened.

    She said she would get back to me after she talked to a tech.

    She did. They had no anwsers as to why the grates would blacken, as she knew I had already had two techs out to check the gas ajustments etc.

    What she could do was send me four new grates at no cost to me. These grates retail for $65.00 a grate.

    Now there. That pretty much takes care of the food loss.

    As I said it did take a while for Maytag (Whirlpool Corp.) to figure there was a problem.
    Now that they have. There customer service department is doing a bang up job.
    This will more than likely be my last post.

    All have a great year.

  13. My Maytag refrigerator was repaired today (Saturday) because it is one that is being recall ed. Now the refrigerator section is not cooling. Called Maytag Recall and the Service Factory that did the repair today but they are closed and do not work on Sunday. My food will spoil by Monday. There are other service companies that are open on Sunday. Why don’t Maytag have better service hours?

    1. The Same thing happened to me! Got our fridge recall repaired on Friday the 24th then realized the fridge was not cooling at all- freezer is working though. Then called Maytag and they told me I had to wait until May 4th for a repairperson! Unbelieveable. Then finally- after 2 hours was able to get scheduled for appt today.

    2. Same thing happened to me!! I called & got an automated service that sent an A&E serviceman the next day Friday 4/24. He was suppose to call before arriving but he did not. He did the work but left no paperwork. I had no proof of him being ther or doing anything. Sat morning my freesor had defrosted and frige was warm leaving large puddle. Called Maytag they gave me A&E servicman # and said I had to call. Next available day for sevice was Monday! Monday afternoon A&E serviceman arrives again without calling. I meet him at home and he says part was installed wrong which caused my compressor to go bad. He will order me a new compressor and install on Friday. I call A&E and ask for claim for reimbursement of food. It is not their policy to reimburse for food loss. I was told Customer Relations will get back to me. Compressor arrives 4/29 I call A&E @ 5:15pm to schedule appt. I am told next available is Friday or Sat. I’m not STUPID. I refuse a Friday or Sat appt and demand next day service. I get nowhere! Meanwhile A&E Customer Relations has never called me. I believe they are ficticious! I call Maytag and plead to give me another company that will install on Thursday 4/30 and I’m told only A&E can finish the job. IF I fax an itemized food loss Maytag will review it HAHA.! I am using a cooler to keep a few perishables and I have to take vacation time every time they come for service. I am SCREWED! I don’t know where to turn for help.

  14. Rec’d letter, verified serial number, logged on to provided website, confirmed letter information, was offered an in-home repair by system immediately. Total time: 7 minutes. Thus far, excellent service.

    Is a humming noise part of the problem? We have noticed this humming noise from time to time, started about two months ago, comes and goes. Anyone else? Any ideas?

  15. We came home to a warm fridge yesterday. While my husband was taking it apart and checking it out, I found the recall (told him to put everything back together). Used the website to register and then called to see if we could get them out today….no chance. Have to wait until Saturday (it’s Tuesday). Lost all our food….but at least we don’t have to pay for repairs.

    The one thing we noticed last night when we weren’t sure if it was dead or not was the clicking coming from the back. Didn’t really hear a loud humming.

    Guess I’ll go wash it all out now. Didn’t realize Crosley was part of Maytag (we didn’t buy this…it was already here). Hopefully they’ll fix the problem.

  16. The Magic Chef (dorm room style)refridgerator caught on fire and destroyed our start-up company’s office. After several months of dealing with the local fire department fire investigation team and then the US consumer product safety investigator the reports finally name the refridgerator as the cause. NOW THIS IS WHEN THINGS GET TOUGH!
    MC APPLICANCE: now this is a real treat dealing with them, I now know what can replace “water boarding”. AFTER OVER A 8 WEEK HORROR THEIR GENERAL COUNCIL CALLS AND INFORMS ME MY CLAIM HAS BEEN SENT TO THE INSURANCE COMPANY.
    After a few weeks, no check comes you start to worry, you call
    CNA INSURANCE: 6 days twice aday leave message after message after message. Friday afternoon 4 ish you answer the phone it the insurance lady: “Mr. John I just learned that we didn’t manufacture the refridgerator, it was manufactured in CHINA. you will have to file a claim with the Chinese xxxxx I stop her in mid-sentence. Everything is made in china for god sake. I inform her that if i don’t receive a check by next Thursday I’ll get an attorney.

    My mistake-Get A Very Very Good Attorney.

  17. Wow; these stories are horrible! I purchased an Admiral Maytag top freezer Frigerator in 2006. Needless to say, I am very disappointed that this refrigerator is already on the blink! The freezer is not defrosting and the bottom is not cooling properly. However, to the consumer above about the humming sound, I have noticed that for a while but thought it was because I was closing the freezer too hard… I know it probably because of the recall.

    I am certainly going home this evening and obtaining the model and serial number and demand a free home repair and reimbursement for all of my food that I have had to throw away.

    Never again will I purchase a Maytag appliance! I sought out for a Whirl Pool refrigerator and couldn’t find one that I liked…DARN…I know that I wouldn’t be having these issues with a Whirl Pool or Kitchen Aid appliance.

    1. That’s where you are wrong. There are many stories of Kitchenaid relays catching fire. Mine did so today and was very scary. Kitchenaid/Whirlpool would only send out a tech at MY expense. So much for standing behind your products. It seems like some Kitchenaid refrigerators need to be recall because they have the same problem as the Maytags.


  19. I purchased this refrigerator about 60 days ago now and I am very happy with it. I also purchased the matching freezer so it looks fantastic in the kitchen. The fridge cools rapidly and keeps the food and drinks cold. You can hear the seal when the door closes so you know that it is tight. It took a bit of time to figure out how to layout the food and drinks in the fridge as it is very different than a regular fridge but now that it is setup the way we like it, we love it.

    The reason I did not give it 5 stars is that it does not have rollers on the bottom so it can scrape the floor quite easily.

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