More Upcycled Lighting

If you follow my social media feeds you may recall I found a collection of old keys not too long ago. I didn’t want to throw them away because I know my grandfather collected most of them. This week I’m so happy to be able to say I found some inspiration.

Australian artist Michael Moerkey (or Moerkey) creates balls, bowls and other artistic sculptures with discarded keys and coins.

Moerkey Upcycled Lighting | KitchAnn Style

According to Moerkey he started making sculptures with copper pipe and wire before he moved to discarded keys and coins no longer good for currency.

Moerkey Upcycled Lighting | KitchAnn Style

I like the bowls and orbs because they are more interesting to look at – especially for those who commission Moerkey to make a personal piece such as an orb from coins collected on a trip abroad.

Moerkey Upcycled Lighting | KitchAnn Style

Moerkey has an Etsy shop where he sells everything from tea light votive holders to torso sculptures all from keys, coins or copper rings.

Moerkey Upcycled Keys | KitchAnn Style

I’m a self-taught woodworker from way back, and a bit of a photographer, but am really enjoying the challenge of working with new materials and building a new set of skills.

Moerkey Upcycled Keys | KitchAnn Style


It takes about 60 keys for Moerkey to create his bottle sculptures.

Moerkey Upcycled Coins | KitchAnn Style

I love all of Moerkey’s creations. The lighting is kept to the sculptural shade and the wiring itself is done at the destination. This way he doesn’t have to worry about the different voltage in different countries.

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