Hurricane Irma and Chocolate Cake

I am thankful, for South Florida at least, Irma did what hurricanes often do – It wobbled and leaned away at the last minute sparing us. Irma was too big for me to consider staying at home.

I am extremely grateful  I only have minor damage. Just a block away lanai screens and aluminum railings were town  from buildings by Irma’s high winds. There was flooding, too; and it wasn’t rain water. It was stinky and continues to be toxic.

With power outages, sewer lift stations have not been able to do their job and sewage has been bubbling up from man holes in Collier County. As of Monday there were 270 lift stations without power. My neighborhood was one of the many affected. We had a pumper truck coming twice a day and thankfully  recently received a generator to temporarily help until utilities are restored.

All of this mess means we are under a Severe Conserve Water Order. The county asks that we not use clothes washers nor dishwashers and conserve water as much as possible when flushing and bathing.  I’ve adjusted okay. I use disposable cups, plates and utensils. I have to get a little creative when it comes to food since the Boil Water Order is also still in place. So far I am eating like a college student – lots of cereal, pizza and peanut butter.

This brings me to the best part of this post. I was clearing out my inbox and came across this recipe for a One bowl, No measure chocolate cake recipe from Food52. It seems perfect for this time when so many people are stressed out and cleaning is difficult. Bake it for yourself or share it with a friend.

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