LEED Lighting from Recycled Coke Bottles

Here’s a new artist spotlight for my recycled lighting collection of posts.

Atlanta artist Kathleen Plate creates custom, handcrafted chandeliers from post-consumer upcycled bottles.

Plate’s company, Smart Glass is known for creating unique and elegant glass collections, jewelry and chandeliers using a technique she has patented.

Kathleen Plate via Joan Vitelli
Kathleen Plate via Joan Vitelli

LEED Lighting

Last fall Plate was commissioned by Chick-fil-A to create custom lighting and panels for certain stores.

Chick-fil-a custom lightins

Plate was part of the Guggenheim Museum Store’s Studio Program where she worked with the Museum’s Licensing Department to create a custom glass spiral chandelier made from rings of recycled glass bottles.

Guggenheim Chandelier| KitchAnn Style


“I just think glass is a magical thing. The way it feels, looks – it’s a fun medium,”

This past May at ICFF Plate launched a new online, direct-to-consumer, semi-custom lighting collection.

The new collection will be produced with the same high quality and craftsmanship synonymous with Plate’s more substantial lighting fixtures.

The new offering is supposed to start below $2,000.00 but the chandeliers currently offered on the artist’s Etsy page are $2,360 and $4,560.

Kathleen Plate Studio | KitchAnn Style

5″ x 7″ Pendant lights with shades made from glass rings from recycled wine and liquor bottles are offered for $350 and take up to a 100w bulb.

Lead time for the new lighting collection is 3-4 weeks. Orders are not cancellable according to the policy page so make sure you understand what you are ordering.

If you can’t quite commit to a custom Smart Glass chandelier you can own an original creation from her jewelry collection.

Upcycled Glass Necklace|KitchAnn Style

I personally like the piece lariat necklace.

About the arist:

Plate has been working artistically with glass since her childhood in Cathlamet, a small fishing and logging town in Washington. She currently splits her time between Atlanta and New York City.

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