2021 Kitchen Trends

After being cooped up in the same space for a year, chances are you’d like a décor tweak, better lighting, more built-in storage or maybe even a total makeover.

Growing environmental awareness and the changing
demands on our living spaces are having a direct impact
on kitchen design trends for 2021/2022.

2020 was a major year for social change and homeowners are shopping with their values in mind. There’s a shift towards more conscious consumption as people re-evaluate their impact.

For many, that means using fewer products, buying more sustainably sourced items, as well as keeping an eye on production methods and local providers.

via Anderman Architects

2021 Kitchen Trends

Natural Materials

Green, sustainable design elements have long been a sought-after component in kitchen remodeling. Moving forward, the use of natural materials like wood or woven textiles alongside sustainable high-tech fabrics will dominate innovative design in the new decade.

For Kitchens in particular, demand will increase for eco-friendly countertops. Generally falling into three categories: bio-resins/plastics, natural wood products and recycled aggregates; consumers will have many options available to fit their individual style.

The growth of Sintered products, such as those by Lapitec which are 100% mineral composite with no resins or petroleum derivatives, will be a major component in kitchen remodels for the coming year.

Warm to the eye as much as to the hand,  natural materials and organic palettes will be important and nourishing design elements this decade.

via Liebherr. Green will start to edge out blue as a top color in 2021

Global Infusion

Say goodbye to the shiplap of yesteryear. And you might as well say goodbye to all-white interiors and cold gray kitchens.

In looking for new ideas to make the most of your space in 2021 many homeowners and designers will look beyond borders to create livable designs inspired by indulgent travel experiences they’re missing with travel placed on hold.

For 2021 homeowners are wanting to get that exclusive hotel vibe in their own home. This can be accomplished by playing with not only new color and texture combinations but by also playing with the scale of items. One of the reasons we like to stay in luxury hotels is because the eye always has something interesting to land on.

La Sastrería, Valencia

Flowing Transitions

The role of the home has adapted drastically, multi-hyphenate spaces are the new norm, especially when the design is an open-plan concept.

Modern architectural design not only seeks to create flowing transitions between indoors and outdoors; it designs multifunctional spaces  than can assume highly diverse possibilities for use and form zones.

Many people may not know that part of a kitchen design consultation involves discussing how the kitchen relates to the rest of the home. What are the site lines? Where is the best view or natural light? 

For 2021 designers will be using building materials and built-ins that serve as a link between rooms and decorate the entire room in a consistent way, maximizing both space and light. Arches and curved cabinetry will make a comeback in the home.

via Splinter Society, Australia. Photo credit: Armelle Habib

Custom Storage Solutions

Clever storage continues to be a key design choice due to the practicality it offers. A wall of pantries can actually free up wall space to allow for more personalization of kitchens with art, floating shelves and even statement lighting.

For many working from home or virtual schooling, custom storage solutions allows for minimizing clutter and reducing stress by allowing work items to be out of sight when not in use for optimum work-life balance.

Via Côté Masion. Work/Dining space by designer Patrick Norguet

Specialized storage for charging phones and chromebooks out of sight is more of a necessity than a trend and I incorporate these into practically all of my designs.

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