Cashmere by Kreoo

Kreoo Cashmere Sink | KitchAnn Style

Kreoo by Decormarmi, known for their exquisite stone vessels and furniture, has introduced a new marble sink called Cashmere.

The brand name, Kreoo, is inspired by the Greek word “kraino” which means to produce or create and in its conjugation kreion means “the one who odes and creates.” Kreoo was launched as an offshoot of parent company Decormarmi in 2010. Italian Designer Enzo Berti, who was inspired by Scandinavian designers associated with the Mid-Century Modern period, created the collection for Kreoo.

Crafted in Italy’s Vicenza area using traditional techniques passed down through generations of stone workers, the Cashmere sink is an oval bowl with an extension that becomes a functional surface to hold small soaps or other cosmetic items. I think it resembles a kitchen measuring spoon – just a little bit.

Cashmere is available in Calcutta. It may be offered in Estremoz White; Marquina Black and St Marie Grey in the future.

Kreoo Cashmere Sink | KitchAnn Style

The Cashmere vessel can be combined with Kreoo’s storage cabinetry called Wood Box or sit atop their beautiful marble Console Table. The unique shape lends a sense of personality to the bathroom that a standard oval sink does not offer.

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