Concrete Sinks

Gore Design Company uses nature as it’s inspiration for it’s Erosion countertops and sinks.  The water from the faucet looks like it has worked away layers from the surface just as a river might cut through a canyon.  Fortunately your sink won’t wear away. 

Gore attributes being able to make their complex designs by working with glass-fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) with is lighter and better for casting complex shapes.  Gore uses water-based sealers so there are no VOCs.  Their pigments are also environmentally conscious by being free of heavy metals.  By dry polishing their pieces Gore saves about 600 gallons of water per project.  Their website proclaims they are “leading the concrete revolution, at the forefront of environmentally responsible design.”

Gore Design  gore2.jpg

Gore Design Co. also offers concrete classes.  There are 4 classes scheduled for 2008.  Gore Design Company’s workshop [only64] offers a rare opportunity to learn how to fabricate Glass-Fiber Reinforced Concrete.  According to their website less than 1% of concrete fabricators know this method. 

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  1. These are the most beautiful sinks. Your reference to looking like a canyon is exactly what I thought when seeing them. I just wouldnt want to have any big “splashers” washing up around them. thanks for finding the resource.

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