Could This Be In Your Future Countertop?

It’s easy to see why everybody is so exited about Microsoft Surface, the technology and user experience are just amazing, image the possibilities.


If you are traveling, you can see Microsoft Surface Virtual Concierge 30-inch tables in the lobbies of five Sheraton Hotel: Boston, New York, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco. Applications include CityTips with attractions, eateries, shopping, maps, and transportation; a digital jukebox; and SheratonSnapshots, a library of photos of Sheraton resorts.

If you threw a party with the Surface DJ everybody would definitely be in the Kitchen.  In fact, it may be impossible to get people to go home.  Watch the Video and you’ll want one too.


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0 Replies to “Could This Be In Your Future Countertop?”

  1. I love it, its great, unfortunately its not available for residential yet. Only for commercial. We thought about maybe purchasing one for our business and placing it in the showroom for the customer to see, and possibly upsell to the right client.
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