Crush 100% Recycled Glass Tile

Fireclay Tile offers Crush 100% Recycled Glass Tile – a handmade, American-crafted glass tile created from 100% recycled glass that is sourced from within 20 miles of its San Jose, CA facility.

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Crush is available in 40 beautiful colors in both matte and gloss finishes in 17 different sizes. The pigments are hand mixed and made from natural ingredients so natural variation in inherent in color, texture and finish depending on the specific color.

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The color names are inspired by natural elements such as Acai, Poppy and Walnut — mimicking the organic nature of Fireclay’s localized sourcing and production of Crush.

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Crush sets itself apart from other recycled glass tiles because it is manufactured with Fireclay Tile’s unique artisanal manufacturing process within its open-air, energy-efficient factory in San Jose and is packed in recycled cardboard boxes and on recycled pallets or crates.

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Fireclay’s Crush 100% Recycled Glass tiles are ideal for projects seeking a LEED certification.

Crush Recycled Glass Tile qualifies for:

  • MR Credit 4.1 and 4.2: Recycled Content
  •  MR Credit 5.1 and 5.2: Manufactured Regionally
  •  All products emit low or no VOCs and will qualify for EQ Credit 4.1.

Fireclay Tile’s team is willing to discuss your LEED project. Just give them a call at (408) 275-1182.

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Fireclay Tile was established in 1986 by four partners with over 50 years experience in the design and production of handmade tiles. Paul Burns, Fireclay’s Chief Ceramicist, has been the majority partner and president of Fireclay Tile since its inception.

Since founding Fireclay, Paul has devoted his life to finding more sustainable ways to make tile, focusing on everything from the most sustainable manufacturing processes to the incorporation of recycled content into his materials. Today, Fireclay Tile is the leading tile company using recycled materials and sustainable practices, employing over 48 employees in the United States.

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  1. This recycled glass tile looks fantastic, this is coolest ever. Really its natural ingredients are so natural variation in inherent in color, texture and finish depending on the specific color. Thanks!

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