Dependent French Door Oven

36dgwo5_pinkAlmost two years ago I wrote about the French door oven from BlueStar Range.  For it’s new 2009 collection, the 30″ and 36″ have an updated look and dependent French doors.  “Now when you open the left door on the 30” and 36” ovens, the right door will open simultaneously. This is an incredibly useful feature in commercial kitchens as it allows you to use your left hand to open the doors and your free hand to place food in the oven – we’ve now brought the same concept to the home chef,” says Mike Trapp, BlueStar’s Vice President of Operations.

“You can avoid reaching over a hot oven door since the French doors open easily with a simple pull. And for people with disabilities, a French door oven set lower to the ground allows easy access to the oven.” says Trapp.  Removing the hazard of leaning over a hot oven door also makes it easier for mothers who have little helpers.  (I remember my Grandmother having a fit when I was young and wanted to bake my grandfather a Birthday cake.)

Additional product features include convection oven cooking, a full extension oven rack, a heat assist element for quick start-ups, and 3,000 BTU of additional power. The wall ovens operate on either gas or liquid propane.

Customers can order the ovens in 190 different colors, at no extra charge. Custom colors are also available. 

If you are not sure which color to choose, check out the series on GOLDNOTES about color for insight and inspiration or consult with Rachel from Hue Consulting and Maria from Colour Me Happy.

Retail prices range from approximately $2,520 to $8,732.

Single Wall Oven

“It is not the form that dictates the color, but the color that brings out the form.” -Hans Hofmann

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  1. thanks so much for the mention! Kitchen colors can be so much fun, but tricky because appliances are quite an investment. BTW, love the quote at the bottom of your post. so true.

  2. Hey I was just going through my technorati links and found this mention!! Thank you! I’ve seen so many mustard and avocado green applicances in my colour consulting days I think I would still choose stainless, although the best way is of course matching the cabinets to the fridge door but that’s always more expensive!

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