Design Obsession

I seem to be Obsessed with Arabesque tile these days. It doesn’t matter if they are glass,  painted clay or somewhere in between – I like them all.

The traditional Moroccan shape adds old world texture without adding a lot of pattern. The tile can look contemporary or antique depending on the material and color you select and the installation process.

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  1. Oh I like these a lot! Patterns and Morroccan style seem to be very in this year and I suspect we’ll be seeing lots of it. Have you seen Hasting’s VJT Series tiles? They aren’t particularly Morroccan looking, but their patterns are definitely worth a shot. Wish I could post a pic here :/

    [dead link removed]

    If you click “more images” then you’ll see that they also have a purple version of that tile.

  2. What is the name of the navy arabesque glass tile at the top of the article? Is it still available and if so where can I buy it from? Thanks!!

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