Do Just One Thing

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It’s finally fall (not that I would know by the weather here in South Florida) and I am looking at all those things that are on my end-of-the-year-to-do list.  One of the things I can scratch off my list is the 2008 Calendar.

dojust.jpgDanny Seo, eco-living consultant and editor-at-large for Country Home Magazine, has a series of books to help people live Simply Green.  Now he has a great page-a-day calendar called Do Just One Thing. Each page presents one of Danny’s fresh and inexpensive eco-tips.

Here’s a example:

Thursday, December 11

Small marks, scratches and scuffs on your wooden table, chair or dresser can be covered up with a trip to the pantry.   Simply rub a walnut into the scratch; the natural oils in the nut will conceal the scratch marks. 

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