Graham & Brown Color of the Year 2022

Graham & Brown has announced Breathe, a tranquil blue shade, as its Color of the Year for 2022, and Restore, a patterned design with wild botanicals, as its Wallpaper of the Year.

The colors and patterns we thoughtfully select for our walls plays an important role, serving as the backdrop to how we live within our homes.

As we continue to explore the color predictions for the coming year, one company sets  themselves apart from the crowd with its own wallpaper and color of the year announcement.

British company, Graham & Brown, has announced their Wallpaper of the Year RESTORE, and Color of the Year BREATHE, reflect a celebration of nature, self-care  and optimism for the future.

Graham & Brown Color of the Year 2022

BREATHE a mid blue paint, and RESTORE Midnight, a verdant wallpaper option. Used together, the powdery Breathe meshes well with the brooding navy wallpaper for a layered, dramatic look.


Graham & Brown Color of the Year 2022 Restore Midnight Wallpaper
via Graham & Brown

This year’s design, RESTORE, features a variety of wild plants placed on a chalky, concrete-like backdrop imitating the unstoppable forces of nature reclaiming the manmade.  Drawing from the hardships of the past two years, this pattern is a symbol for self-care and consideration of how people can limit their impact on the environment and reconnect with mother nature.

The wallpaper is available in three colorways and as a custom made-to-measure mural for the perfect feature wall.


BREATHE is dark enough to add color and depth but light enough to remain refreshing. It reminds of one of my all-time favorite COTYs; Denim Drift from Akzo Nobel for 2017.

Graham & Brown Color of the Year 2022 paint inspiration
One Room Challenge by Alisa Bovino

With blue being the most favorited color in the world, this tranquil shade can be used almost anywhere in the home. Consider color drenching your space; painting walls, ceilings, woodwork and doors in one color.

Graham & Brown Color of the Year 2022 stone inspiration
Architect: Stuart Parr Design

BREATHE is the perfect hue to pair with crisp whites and cool greys for an airy tranquil feel.  For a moody space, team it with deeper blues and rich browns with accents of burnt saffron and turmeric.


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  1. It’s always interesting to see what paint companies select as their Color Of The Year, Ann, but I’ve never seen a company announce their *Wallpaper Of The Year.*

    Thanks for an insightful post!

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