Easter Tablescape Inspiration

5 Ways to Make Your Easter Tablescape Instagram-Worthy

Follow these simple Instagram tricks and everybody will be oohing and ahhing over your holiday table setting and decor.

Instagram Flat Lay

5 Tips to Make your Easter Table Instagram-Worthy

If you are hooked on Instagram like me, you’ll know the flat lay is the cool-girl way to photograph anything and everything. Stand on a chair to get enough height for a gorgeous overhead shot that captures every piece. A flat lay should revolve around one of two main items, or hero pieces on a simple clean background. Good natural lighting  is key to success.

The Long Shot

Make your Easter Table Instagram-Worthy

Once you’ve mastered shooting from up high, it’s time to get on level with the table. A good point of interest will draw the view into your narrative. Take advantage of the new portrait mode on Instagram to emphasize the length of a scene. Getting close to your tablescape creates intimacy. When editing, pay close attention to the angles and see if you need to adjust the rotation a few degrees to correct your horizon line.


5 Tips to Make your Easter Table Instagram-Worthy

Want guaranteed likes? Throw moss arrangements into the mix. From miniature to aquatic, terrariums are super hot right now. There are even companies that specifically offer Mossariums. Adding this hot trend to your holiday table adds great texture, color and a little whimsy.

Casual Groupings

5 Tips to Make your Easter Table Instagram-Worthy

Easter and Brunch pretty much go hand in hand. Creating a special table setting may feel like too much effort when you’re also in charge of cooking up a festive feast.  You can showcase your Easter Buffet by creating groupings. The key is to provide a healthy mix  of your style and to think sculpturally. Throw out your need for perfection.

Maximum Detail

5 Tips to Make your Easter Table Instagram-Worthy

Some insiders believe Instagram is moving away from the plain white background as part of the larger megatrend of Maximalism Show off your skills of a well designed table with more color, more texture, more pattern and a heck of a lot more detail.

Don’t forget your hashtags. You can go beyong the expected Holiday tags and include your mood or flavors.

Have a Happy Easter!


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