Legrabox by Blum

When it comes to drawer box choices for cabinets, generally there are four choices for consumers.

  • Blum MetaBox – a three-sided drawer with the metal sides functioning as the runners. This tired and true choice is the most economical.
  • Melamine Box – usually a white box doweled together with a choice of runners ranging from vinyl Tandem glides, full-extension side mount glides and concealed undermount glides. The action can be standard or soft-close. Another color choice is dark gray for a European or Contemporary aesthetic.
  • Blum TandemBox – an evolution of the MetaBox and the Tandem concealed drawer runners. This three-sided, double walled drawer offers full extension, soft-close action. The Intivo option can be personalized by using a design element with BoxCover or gallery rail. These drawers are offered in gray and stainless. The new stainless now doesn’t show fingerprints which was a big problem before.
  • Dovetailed Box –  a solid maple or birch box dovetailed on all four corners. Considered an upgrade by most manufacturers, these drawers are usually offered with concealed undermount glides with soft-close action. Many companies now offer a walnut as a luxurious option.

A fifth drawer box option is now available. The LegraBox from Blum features a slim half-inch  (12.8 mm) profile for maximum storage capacity.

New LegraBox |KitchAnn Style

LegraBox features a new innovative, runner system utilizing synchronized drawer profiles for greater running action and performance even under heavy loads.

The LegraBox program consists of three drawer side heights for standard drawers and two drawer side heights for interior roll-out drawers.

New LegraBox Heights |KitchAnn Style

The sleek and noticeably straighter box is offered in two finishes – a brushed stainless steel or a gray matte finish. I am hopeful the black finish available in Europe will soon be offered here.

New LegraBox Dividers |KitchAnn Style

The LegraBox drawer has its own divider system called Ambia-Line. The drawer accessories include cutlery inserts with integrated containers with Softtouch coating and  pull-out frames with magnets for connection to steel as well as wood frames for an elegant contrast. Ambia-Line Kitchen Accessories include a spice holder, foil dispenser, plastic dispense and plate holder.

New LegraBox Ambia-Line |KitchAnn Style

I expect for most manufacturers the LegraBox will fall between the TandemBox and a Dovetail drawer. Adding accessories or glass inserts will obviously add expense.

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