Mosaic Art

Stark industrial scenes, high contrast abstract patterns and bold graffiti make up the URBN mosaic collection – a collaboration between Artaic, a Boston mosaic design and fabrication company and Boston non-profit Artists For Humanity (AFH).

Artaic Mosaic Pattern | KitchAnn Style

Artaic worked with AFH youth to transform their original artwork into unique tile mosaics. All the designs can be customized to fit any space, application and color needs.

Artaic Mosaic Pattern | KitchAnn Style

Artaic trained AFH youth on Artaic’s Tessera software with the aid of a Mass Ventures START grant and commissioned a collection of one-of-a-kind mosaic designs. AFH youth toured Artaic’s studio where they manufactured all of their mosaics to experience first-hand the blend of art and technology. Utilizing their new mosaic software skills, the AFH participants transformed original artwork, including paintings, sketches, mixed media, and graphic designs, into mosaic murals.

AFH Mural | KitchAnn Style

“Sharing the software and touring our facility, I was able to see teens’ eyes light up with realization that there is actually potential to make a business and earn money through creating unique art.” – Paul Reiss, Artaic Cofounder

Artaic Mosaic Pattern | KitchAnn Style

Currently, 83 percent of AFH’s youth participants are from low or very low-income homes and 44 percent use their wages to support their families. Proceeds from any of the designs sold from the collection will support Artists for Humanity to continue its work transforming the lives of Boston’s urban youth.

Artaic Mosaic Pattern | KitchAnn Style

About Artaic:
Artaic was founded in 2007 to make mosaic more accessible to artists as a medium to work with. Artaic’s design software and robotic manufacturing systems enable the creation of high-end, custom mosaic projects fast, efficiently, and with exceptional value.

Artaic Urbn Mosaic Pattern | KitchAnn Style

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