New Apron Front Sink for Retrofitting

Kohler has introduced a new 7-inch apron front sink which is ideal for remodeling homeowners who like to achieve a farmhouse look without replacing their cabinetry.

The Whitehaven sink is still 9 inches deep, but the apron is shortened to fit a standard sink base cabinet. A 9-inch apron front sink is also available for homeowners who prefer the more classic look and plan on adding new cabinetry.

If you love the look of the modern faucet with a farm sink, check out the one of my previous posts on folding faucets.

*Plan carefully, this sink will not work with most frameless sink bases found in newer kitchens. Those drawer blanks are usually only 6″ high.*

Your installer will also need to add a sturdy frame to support the weight of the sink using 2x4s. check your interior cabinet space to make sure you have enough clearance.

The Whitehaven sink is made of durable KOHLER Enameled Cast Iron and comes in 16 colors.  MSPR $990.

If you prefer a more modern stainless look in the new shallow front design, check out their Vault sink.

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