Ofuro Vasca by Rapsel

I think with all this cold weather nothing would be nicer than soaking in a hot bath completely immersed in water up to my chin.  If you agree you’ll want to check out this Japanese style soaking tub from Matteo Thun.

Traditional Ofuro are small wooden tubs with high sides. They are not for bathing.  You shower before you enter the Ofuro to leave the water clean for the next person.

The Ofuro Vasca, produced by Rapsel, is made entirely from larch wood (beech).  The wood is carefully dried, shaped and joined together creating a soft and inviting bath.  Compared to the typical round shape of the Japanese Ofuro, this European version is elongated.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this! Do you have any info on how these beautiful tubs are priced? I did some searching to no avail.

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