Round Glass Mosaic Tiles

agatesGlass tiles are very popular in the kitchen and the bathroom; but glass tiles that are round or varied in shape are the hottest trend right now.

These little gems from Interstyle Ceramic & Glass are made from recycled glass and come in a variety of sheet sizes such as 3×12 and 6×6.  I love how these modern tiles create a splash of visual texture and give a natural feel to a material that is often considered hard and cold.

Check out some of the fun colors available here.

These next tiles from Stone Source, also shown in green, are called Bubbles Blend MDS.  You can choose from 59 colors in either a clear or a satin finish.

Another great characteristic of varied-sized mosaic tile is that they tend to catch the eye more than the typical square mosaic tile that can easily start to blend together and appear as a big field of color.


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  1. Julie,
    If you are in Southern California,
    CTand M Tiles in Culver City has
    line of tiles called ‘Bubbles’.
    Or go to CT and
    The sample has lots of bling.
    But once set in grout, well…
    the bling is gone.
    $36.00 A SQ. FT.. not cheap.
    And read up on the installation of this new trend
    in glass tiles. Apparently they aare difficult to install,
    and stay installed into the grout.

  2. Choosing the right grout is the key to keeping the “bling”. An epoxy grout doesn’t have the chalky appearance of a traditional grout and for extra bling you can even add glitter to it. It’s definitely more expensive, but after the money you’ve spent on the glass tile it just doesn’t seem right to settle for lackluster results.

  3. you can get the little glass gems from the dollar store.. I did this two years ago in my bathroom with teal ones from the dollar store and it turned out amazing!!

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