Silk Road Collection from New Ravenna

The Silk Road Collection from New Ravenna Mosaics of stunning mosaic tiles combines styles of east and west – Central Asian Ikat textiles, silk ribbons, ancient Greek nudes, and florals inspired by designer Sarah Baldwin’s travels along the Silk Road and her personal collection of Ikat textiles.

Color palettes for the collection range from blends of soft pearl whites to sparkly silver mirror with accents of gray and black.

Sophie |KitchAnn Style

Jacqueline | KitchAnn Style

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  1. Ann! Thank you so much for adding our Pamir, Sophie and Jacqueline Vine to your fantastic blog. I have just “lost” an hour going through the blog and have so many new favorites, how did I miss the Guggenheim paints….?

    Christine Campbell
    manager of marketing
    New Ravenna Mosaics

  2. Ann, You’re doing a great job on your blog! You should be posting to my Naples Facebook page for more exposure! Let me know if you’re interested! 🙂

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