Traditional Pulldown faucet

One of the difficulties in designing a theme kitchen or bath is finding plumbing fixtures that meet both the theme and the modern functionality homeowners want.

I was pretty pleased to discover this new traditional pull-down faucet from Waterstone Faucets. It’s designed and made in the USA from solid brass.

PLP Chrome Faucet | KitchAnn Style

The PLP Pulldown is extremely gorgeous and would you believe it, available in 31 finishes. It also comes with 3 decorative handle caps and is reverse osmosis compatible.

The PLP spray head has a unique “PLP” positive lock that keeps the head in place. The counter balanced spray head extends 18″ from the spout and features two spay types.

Other convenient features are  a control handle that adjusts up to 45 degrees (right or left) for clearance from backsplashes and the 360 degree swivel spout.

Coordinating accessories such as an air switch and soap\lotion dispenser are also available.

PLP pulldown | KitchAnn Style

PLP pulldown | KitchAnn Style

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  1. Ann, great to meet you in Memphis! Randomly scrolling through your blog and I saw this post. I’m installing this faucet in a current kitchen project! I saw it and instantly knew my client just had to have it. Can’t wait to take photos of it in place. Take care! -Nicole

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