Fiora Shower Pans

European minimalist shower trays that mimic stone are now available in the US.

The pans are manufactured by Fiora Bath Collections, located in La Rioja, Spain, renowned for the design and manufacture of furniture, mirrors and accessories for the bathroom. Coastal Shower Doors will be introducing the pans at KBIS Jan. 20-22 in Las Vegas.

Flora has patented a new concept in shower flooring based on the use of an artificial stone called SILEXPOL. This new material has anti-slip and bacteriostatic properties, qualities that have proven to be highly desirable to the European audience.

Fiora Silex |KitchAnn Style

“We expect Americans to not only love the design, but also appreciate the nanotechnology that goes into making the trays water repellent and the maintenance easy and safe,” Patrick Cobb, national accounts for Coastal Shower Doors

While I’m not sure if the full line up will be available, the pans are offered in two patterns (regular and brick) with fourteen colors in each.

Fiora Silex |KitchAnn Style

One of the new features of the Fiora SILEX shower tray is its adaptability and flexibility to fit into any decor theme, whether in residential or commercial applications. Moreover, two of the trays within the SILEX collection, Extra Flat made-to-measure and Framed made-to-measure, can be adapted to spaces that are not rectilinear or have obstructions such as columns.

Fiora Silex Made to Fit |KitchAnn Style

If you are not building a new home, careful planning will be required to lower the floor in the shower area if you desire the flush fit. If you are currently living in a condo, you may need to become besties with the neighbors below you to rework the drain and the trap.

Fiora Silexpol |KitchAnn Style

Mamoli Flexible Faucet

The Cook Faucet by Sovrappensiero Design Studio for Mamoli rethinks the standard kitchen faucet for modern kitchens with emphasis on function, style and sustainability.

Cook flexible faucet | KitchAnn Style

The faucet’s revolution is characterized by the hose, made of silicone , brightly colored , soft to the touch  and repositionable 360°. The flexible hose docks in the chrome arched faucet using a magnetic mechanism.

The fully articulated retractable hose gives the chef full freedom to use and share the kitchen. The silicone hose is available in 5 colors:  sunflower gray, red chili, green sage, milky white and blue blueberry.

Compared to Arwa Twinflex faucet I wrote about in July 2009, I prefer the arch of the Cook faucet. Both offer similar colors for the flexible hose.

Cook flexible faucet colors| KitchAnn Style


Cook was created to combine the functionality and flexibility of a professional tap to the warmth and colors of a moment of leisure; convenience and fun in the kitchen will no longer have limits : an essential hint to
shape free thought.”

Cook flexible faucet | KitchAnn Style

Presented during Salone del Mobile 2014, the Cook faucet responds to challenges found in this evolving space at the center of the home, where multiple interactions now take place. The aim of Sovrappensiero was to create a device that stimulates a sense of creativity to help bring people together.

“The contemporary kitchen is no longer the workstation where meals are prepared, but a place to experiment and have fun, alone or in company.”

Cook flexible faucet | KitchAnn Style

Waterless Urinal from Neo-Metro

As many as 36 states anticipating a water shortage by 2013 so every effort we make to conserve this precious resource helps.

The Neo-Metro Waterless Urinal achieves a new level of environmentalism.  Besides not needing water to flush, it is made out of 95% recycled stainless steel which can be color-matched to a variety of hues.

Waterless urinals were introduced in the early 1990s and have evolved to be categorized into two categories: 1) cartridge-based and 2) non-cartridge based.  The waterless urinal from Neo-Metro is of the non-cartridge type so no chemicals are dumped into the environment.

Optional urinal finishes include the high-polish Mira finish, white gloss powder coat, and matte black powder coat.

The unit measures 22 inches high by 13¾ inches wide by 20¼ inches deep.

Neo-Metro is member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and their waterless urinal qualifies for LEED points toward overall water savings.

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