Blogging Updates

kitchen studio of naples helloHere’s a little update on some of things I have been doing.

Ask Ann: Read about Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report 2008-09.  Despite the down market, maintenance-related projects and moderately priced upgrades are providing stable paybacks to homeowners.

KB+B Online: With so many materials and styles to choose from, selecting the best backsplash can be confusing. Read about the many material choices and their pros and cons.

Gold Notes: Read about new appliance trends for 2009.

Sneak Peak: I have a new page up that will give my online readers a sneak peak at my new kitchen and bath studio.  It’s been a long time coming so I am very excited.

Where to store the toilet paper

Often when homeowners remodel a bathroom they choose to do it in a contemporary style. One of the reasons for choosing a contemporary styling is for it’s clean and uncluttered appearance.  It’s much easier to relax and enjoy the serenity of the new bath when there are no distractions.

One of the huge hurdles homeowners face in planning for their new bathroom is how to cope with the decrease in available storage area.

Hopefully your bathroom has a linen closet.  If it doesn’t then you may want to consider adding a cabinet beside or even under your vanity like this example below showing the Deko vanity from the Idea Group.

Another option is to choose accessories that can give you storage for items like toilet paper and hand soap.  This next picture shows a few accessories on a small shelf keeping the bathroom very sleek.  Hiding the toilet paper in the canister is a convenient way to keep it close by.  This is not the toilet paper cozy your Great Aunt used to keep on the back of the toilet.

 If you find the previous examples still have much clutter, and you want the most minimalist bathroom design possible, then you will be glad to know that Kohler offers an extra deep medicine cabinet.  This simple mirrored cabinet recesses into the wall and has a small reveal to allow extra depth for the storage of toilet paper and other items you might need handy.  This is also a great option if your bathroom project has a small budget.  Both the aluminum and polystyrene option are under $200.

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