Shower Door Coatings

The typical shower enclosure endures exposure to hard water and body oils every day, making it more susceptible to staining than most other glass surfaces in your home. You’ve probably thought about trying a glass coating to your shower, maybe even try the one you use on your car windshield. But, with so many shower door coatings on the market it can be overwhelming and confusing. So where do you start? Continue reading “Shower Door Coatings”

iSteam with Mr. Steam

black and white iSteam controls | KitchAnn Style

The BlogTour NYC countdown has begun and I’m super excited. One week from today I’ll be in a Spa in SoHo  courtesy of Mr Steam and the company’s charismatic leader Martha Orellana.

High Line NY | KitchAnn Style

After strolling the New York High Line the group will enjoy a relaxing Sunday at Ancient Baths in SoHo. I checked out their website and the services offered look amazing. I had to look up the terms effleúrage and pétrissage because I don’t speak Massage. The Red Wine Ritual looks quite incredible.

Aire Ancient Baths | KitchAnn Style

I met Martha Orellana, VP of Sales and Marketing for Mr. Steam, on my first BlogTour trip to London last fall. She is living proof of the benefits of steam (hydrates the skin, relieves stress, removes toxins from the body, etc. ) and is passionate about her company and it’s products.

Martha Collage |KitchAnn Style

Mr. Steam has been in the news lately with the many awards their new leading-edge iSteam steam shower control has been receiving.

The iSteam’s revolutionary touch screen display and feature-rich menu offer an unsurpassed, customizable user experience. Along with a stunning graphic interface and bespoke design by world-renowned Industrial designer David Farrage, whose experience with Movado™ and Lamborghini™ is evident in iSteam’s contemporary styling.

“We set out to create the best possible user experience, integrating all the benefits of steam
bathing and accessories into one highly intuitive control,” —
Mike Pinkus, Mr. Steam President

High tech meets high touch with the iSteam home steam shower control. As easy to use as a smartphone, the highly intuitive LCD touch screen features beautiful graphics and high-performance in wet environments.

Swipe-touch simplicity controls temperature, duration, aromatherapy, chromatherapy and music, turning your steam shower into a sensory spa.
– The iSteam microprocessor deciphers between a touch or drag of a finger to perform the correct action.
– The iSteam’s Auto-fading display incorporates a real-time clock, individual user preference settings, and screen dimming technology.
– iSteam displays only the function the user wants, instead of a confusing array of tiny buttons or complex navigation.
– Manufactured with the highest-quality, fused silica glass and polished cast aluminum, iSteam has attained a high level ingress protection rating of IP-67, and is capable of full water immersion of up to three feet.
– iSteam employs an exclusive three-tiered safety system with passcode protection, temperature limit and time-out features built to ISO-9001 certification.
– Featuring an optional Bluetooth® Audio Streaming System, iSteam pairs up to eight devices and four in-shower speakers.
– iSteam can be used with all eSeries Generators, as well as the wireless iGenie® control.
Available in black and white finishes.

black and white iSteam controls | KitchAnn Style

With an e Series generator, a complete iSteam home steam system starts at about $4,000, not including installation.

Mr. Steam is a leader in innovation, has the highest quality steam products, affordable pricing, best-of-class warranties, and unparalleled customer service.

Mr. Steam has been proudly manufacturing products in the U.S. since 1917.

(Mr. Steam is a sponsor for BlogTour NYC May 2014, but the views and opinions expressed on this blog are mine, and I will be honest in what I share. You, the reader, are my top priority and it is my goal to make sure you can trust the content and integrity of this blog.)