Blanco Cinder

If you haven’t seen it yet, you should check out Blanco‘s newest color for their Siligranit II sinks – Cinder

The Cinder colorway has a dark gray, natural, stone-like appearance that gives the Silgranit II sinks the ability to stand out and be a stunning companion to a wide range of countertop colors and materials.

Blanco Sink | KitchAnn Style

Made of 80% rock-hard granite, the Silgranit II sinks never fade, resist scratches, heat, food acids and impact. They also have an impermeable Hygienic+Plus surface that is proven to act as a shield to dirt and bacteria, making it safe for food prep.

Blano Modex sink | KitchAnn style

Shown on the Modex sink, the 3″ edge makes a dramatic statement in any kitchen.

Blanco sink | KitchAnn Style

Bosch & Blanco Design Retreat

This week I’m headed to California to sit in on discussions on Modern Design with Bosch, BLANCO and an esteemed panel from DWELL magazine.

I’m also super excited to get a sneak peek at the new 2013 offerings and talk directly with the product designers about their process in creating today’s  leading European designs. I’m sure I’ll have to sign away my first-born and I won’t be able to report what I see but I will be able to what I discover in the new “experience and design center” in Irvine, CA.

At events like these, I always look forward to meeting the other Design Bloggers who will be attending. For this event I’ll have a chance to get to know some online friends as we dine at True Food Kitchen on Thursday. A few of my Blogger 19 colleges will also be attending so I anxiously look forward to our reunion.

If you have any specific questions or information you’d like me to gather, just leave me a comment.