LG Styler

This could be the ultimate addition to your closet or laundry room.

The LG Styler is designed to refresh clothes without detergents, while reducing wrinkles, removing odors, and sanitizing garments.

LG Styler | KitchAnn Style
LG Styler

LG Styler is ideal for items that are delicate, cumbersome or otherwise less-than-ideal to tumble in your dryer.


The Sanitary cycle powered by TrueSteam  helps to reduce household allergens and dust mites for family members who have allergies and sensitive skin.

LG Styler | KitchAnn Style

Gentle Dry

If you own a lot of garments that you drip dry and are tired of seeing them hang from every possible ledge, you’ll appreciate the Gentle Dry setting. The Styler’s low temperature drying system dries clothing and delicates much faster than air drying.


The “Refresh” setting, available in Light, Normal and Heavy, enlists steam to remove wrinkles and you can stick a dryer sheet in the built-in “aroma” compartment to help mask odors.

The unit comes with special hangers that fit in notches on the clothes rod that is designed to shake. Moving Hanger Action gently shakes steamed items to remove everyday wrinkles.

LG Styler | KitchAnn Style

Special Care

The Easy Pants Crease Care feature is capable of refreshing and creasing a pair of dress pants in just thirty minutes. Night Care is an extra heavy sanitizing setting. It runs the Sanitary Heavy cycle and then dries periodically every hour for an additional eight hours. The Air Fresh cycle gently removes moisture and dust from fur, leather, and silk without damage.

LG Styler | KitchAnn Style

The LG Styler is rated for 120V, 12.5 Amps so it can plug in almost anywhere. This can be especially handy if your laundry room is on the other side of the house.

The water for the steam is held in a reservoir so no plumbing is needed. A separate reservoir catches the steam as it cools and will require emptying.

The unit is 17 ½” X 72 3/4” x 23” and requires 2″ clearance on the sides so it can’t be built-in like an integral refrigerator.

Smart Diagnosis alerts users via NFC when the unit requires maintenance or repair. With NFC Tag-On, owners can install a free app and download customized cycles specific to a garment type and program the Styler with your phone.

A larger commercial unit will be available the latter half of 2016.


Good Design

How will the ongoing recession affect our interest in good design?

This is a question many designers are thinking about right now.  Without a doubt we are spending more time in our homes.  Our home is where we feel safe in an uncertain world.  Staying home and entertaining at home also saves us money.

Trend analyst Faith Popcorn pointed out how people were living in a recessionary climate before the economists would admit that the recession existed.

“The overwhelming reaction is to pair down, to simplify…Nearly everyone is considering opting for a simpler life as we believe there is a real relief in getting off the consumer treadmill.”

Our time is very precious these days and we want our homes to be convenient and help us relax.  Good design is critical in helping a person feel connected to their home and insulated from the problems outside their door.

A recession can have a positive side in that it makes us (whether we’re willing or not) re-assess, and chose to do things more intelligently next time.  The interest in renewable resources, repurposing and eco-friendly products is at an all-time high level.  While it seems only 30% of people are willing to spend more for Green products, the interest keeps pressure of companies to reevaluate their raw materials, manufacturing and packaging.

Instead of “Keeping up with the Joneses”, people are now in a competition to keep down with the Joneses.  This battle to see who can do with the least has created a cultural mindset that less is more.  As Faith puts it, “it’s cooler not to spend.” 

As a designer I am forced to step up my game because people still want and need an emotional link with the spaces I design.  The trick is to find and incorporate the one item they are excited or sentimental about.  This can include designing an heirloom hutch into a new kitchen or resurfacing the ball and claw tub from the salvage shop for the master bathroom.

The one area where I find people are spending more is in organizational tools and storage aids.  One reason is due to families downsizing their homes.  With individuals moving into smaller homes, more creativity and organizational skills are needed to store their belongings.  Another reason is due to the popularity of minimalist design and the desire to have things put away instead of out in the open.

 As a person who admittedly tends to hold on to things too long and live amongst (some) clutter, I embrace this chance to rediscover what it is I really need.

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Vance Publishing Launches Closet Website

closet.jpgVance Publishings Corp. has created a new Web site to aid homeowners seeking information on home organization and closet solutions.

ClosetsGuru.com offers a wide variety of information for organizing all the places homeowners tend to stuff their belongings. They include tips on organizing various types of spaces from a small hall closet to a craft room.

Many readers will find the Frequently Asked Questions area helpful. Topics range from how to hire the right designer to how long installation might take.

The online photo gallery has some very nice images but many categories have no photos at all. Hopefully this will change soon.

Vance indicates that they will soon be adding links to help consumer’s find closet design professionals.

Example of ClosetsGuru.com tip:
*Use pull-out shelves for easy access. Otherwise, narrow depth shelves should be used so things are not hiding in the back. You will never use them!

For many of my clients the closet is no longer a dark cluttered area behind closed doors.  It’s a showplace.