LG Styler

This could be the ultimate addition to your closet or laundry room.

The LG Styler is designed to refresh clothes without detergents, while reducing wrinkles, removing odors, and sanitizing garments.

LG Styler | KitchAnn Style
LG Styler

LG Styler is ideal for items that are delicate, cumbersome or otherwise less-than-ideal to tumble in your dryer.


The Sanitary cycle powered by TrueSteam  helps to reduce household allergens and dust mites for family members who have allergies and sensitive skin.

LG Styler | KitchAnn Style

Gentle Dry

If you own a lot of garments that you drip dry and are tired of seeing them hang from every possible ledge, you’ll appreciate the Gentle Dry setting. The Styler’s low temperature drying system dries clothing and delicates much faster than air drying.


The “Refresh” setting, available in Light, Normal and Heavy, enlists steam to remove wrinkles and you can stick a dryer sheet in the built-in “aroma” compartment to help mask odors.

The unit comes with special hangers that fit in notches on the clothes rod that is designed to shake. Moving Hanger Action gently shakes steamed items to remove everyday wrinkles.

LG Styler | KitchAnn Style

Special Care

The Easy Pants Crease Care feature is capable of refreshing and creasing a pair of dress pants in just thirty minutes. Night Care is an extra heavy sanitizing setting. It runs the Sanitary Heavy cycle and then dries periodically every hour for an additional eight hours. The Air Fresh cycle gently removes moisture and dust from fur, leather, and silk without damage.

LG Styler | KitchAnn Style

The LG Styler is rated for 120V, 12.5 Amps so it can plug in almost anywhere. This can be especially handy if your laundry room is on the other side of the house.

The water for the steam is held in a reservoir so no plumbing is needed. A separate reservoir catches the steam as it cools and will require emptying.

The unit is 17 ½” X 72 3/4” x 23” and requires 2″ clearance on the sides so it can’t be built-in like an integral refrigerator.

Smart Diagnosis alerts users via NFC when the unit requires maintenance or repair. With NFC Tag-On, owners can install a free app and download customized cycles specific to a garment type and program the Styler with your phone.

A larger commercial unit will be available the latter half of 2016.


Moms Like Us

Samsung washer and dryerSamsung announced the launch of Moms Like Us, an on-line social network for their Washers and Dryers that celebrates “Life, Laundry and the Pursuit of Cleanliness.”

In addition to finding product information, participants can post and respond to messages, start their own groups within Moms Like Us, and take part in building the Laundry-Pedia, an encyclopedia of laundry tips.

If you register before the end of the year with Moms Like Us you will be entered to win a brand new Samsung Washer and Dryer pair.

Laundry-Pedia Example:

Washing tips: Antique linens
Soak spots in a solution of 1 part lemon juice and 1 part water with a pinch of salt. For stubborn stains, try immersing in a bath of non-chlorine bleach set in direct sunlight. Soak if needed, changing the water and bleach daily. To iron, blot linens dry, and wrap in a terry towel. Put in the refrigerator for 2 to 3 days so the moisture will be drawn out evenly. Spread on a fresh terry towel and iron.

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