Back-painted Glass Splash

White splash | Kitchen Studio of Naples
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 Kitchen Studio of Naples Vendor SampleMy new samples of back-painted glass came and I’m really excited about using it in a project.

Most homeowners are familiar with full height glass backsplashes.  In the past, full-height mirrors were very popular for making small kitchens look bigger.

Today’s hot trend is to customize glass panels with the color of your choice for a seamless look that fits in contemporary or traditional settings.

This is a beautiful product that can be templated to fit most splash applications.  I say most because it would be quite difficult if not impossible to get a full glass panel behind an existing exhaust hood.

The availability of large glass panels have also made back-painted glass popular in bathrooms.  They are being used for splashes, tub skirts and shower walls.  With no grout lines like you would have with glass tile, the glass panels are very easy to clean.

You don’t have to stick to solid colors, artists can also custom paint a panel in any image or abstract design you want.

If you are uncertain you are ready to put in full glass splashes, there’s an Australian website that has an incredible Virtual Kitchen Program on their website that lets you view 60 different color options. DecoGlaze Virtual Kitchens Website.


Updated Ways to Use Glass Cabinetry in Kitchens

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barrique.jpgI absolutely love these glass door cabinets by Ernestomeda, an Italian manufacturer of high-end cabinetry.  The Barrique Collection is one of their newest offerings showcasing lacquered and glass cabinetry. 

This first picture shows a small aluminum fame door with Merlot glass – a huge departure from the typical frosted glass shown by most contemporary cabinet lines.

Any glass or acrylic panels can be used in these doors so the design possibilities are endless.

These cabinets can be lit to showcase items inside or left unlit, as shown here, to give a hint of what is inside.  I prefer them unlit because it gives greater flexibility for the types of items stored inside. 

ernes2.jpgThis next picture shows a dimensional door with pantry type shelves to showcase glass ware.

This is a unique way to showcase items and have functional storage at the same time.

It is hard to tell by the picture but it seems the lights shine towards the front so the items stored in the rear are not apparent.

If you try to duplicate this look  be careful to calculate the weight of the door.  The hinges could very easily fail and cause the door to sag.