Next Generation Shower Drain Systems

The shower is no longer conceived of as a wet cell, but has become an inherent part of a whole room approach to bathroom design – showering is thus defined more and more by curb-less designs that do without shower trays. This style of showers require a new generation of floor drains to help maintain the boundary between wet and dry zones in your bathroom.

There are many advantages to using a linear slot drain in your bathroom shower. The most obvious is the sleek continuous look your shower floor will have.  Removing the shower curb and letting your floor tile cover the the whole area will make your bathroom appear larger.

Quick Drain USA’s high-quality, stainless steel linear slot drains come in various sizes from 32″ to 60″ making it an easy choice for your next project.  These 1 1/2″ wide drains have the lowest profile in the industry and are available with both side and bottom drain outlets. This  linear channel drain is also very easy to clean. Everything is removable (including the shower linear drain cover and strainer).


For curved shower applications ACO Haustechnik has linked up with Glamu to create a free-standing shower enclosure.  The shower drain system holds the curved glass element firmly in place with only one side fixed to a wall.  ACO offers designer grates for their drains with 5 pattern choices that can optionally be lit with colored LEDs.

aco curved shower drain

The Poresta Slot Floor Drain by Illbruck is well suited for the most minimalist bathrooms.  The grateless 7mm drain positioned directly against the wall gives the shower the appearance of having no drain. Water disappears into a barely noticeable shadow gap.

illbruck porta


Design Idea

glass shower

Sometimes, especially in high rises, it is impossible to relocate floor drains in bathrooms.  I like this creative solution that solves a delimma caused by not being able to locate the shower at the end of the bathroom.  

This bathroom would look very cramped if the shower was not frameless and clear.  Even the door has minimal hardware.  Using the same color troweled on the wall also gives the room a continuous flow.  Although this room is not for the modest, the glass shower helps to separate the toilet and bidet from the sink.