Kohler Crevasse Prep Sink

What do you do when you want a prep sink in your  kitchen island but you don’t want to see a faucet rising out of the countertop?

By integrating the Kohler Crevasse Prep Sink  into your design you can have a sleek countertop thanks to rinsing technology built into the sink. 

The Crevasse Sink uses Cynchronus™ technology, which activates a strong rinsing action and the garbage disposal at the touch of a button.  Food is whisked down the silicone baffle into the disposer with no need to touch it with your hands.

If you don’t need to run the garbage disposer there is a second option for a quick rinse. 

The small stainless steel button uses Active Touch technology that is only activated by a human touch, eliminating the chance of accidental activation by a pot, pan or other item on the countertop.

I think it would be nice to see the option of a foot pedal/button for totally hands-free operation.

crevasse sink KSN

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