Graham & Brown Color of the Year 2018

With pink being all the rage right now, the colour and wallpaper experts has identified the pink paint shade as 'one step ahead of the millennial pink phenomenon.

 Millennial Pink

I’ve been covering color trends and Color of the Year selections for years now and these posts are often my favorite. I’m pleased to announce I’m adding a new addition to the mix and this company is not primarily known for their paint. Graham & Brown is an international manufacturer know for their wallpaper and wall art. Real Fashionistas starved for color and design have long turned to Graham & Brown for decadent and grown up designs.

Looking ahead, Graham & Brown has unveiled a dusky pastel pink named “Penelope” as their Color of the Year for 2018Continue reading “Graham & Brown Color of the Year 2018”

Aquariums – Then and Now

A few years back when Custom Home Builders and Architects in Naples were working at the height of the Real Estate Boom there were a ton of custom aquariums being built into kitchens, bars, fireplaces and room dividers.

Built-in Aquiarium Inspiration | KitchAnn Style


Built-in Aquiarium Inspiration | KitchAnn Style

It’s amazing how quickly these built-ins look dated. The second picture is more transitional than the first since its free of the carved moldings designer and architects were so especially fond of.

Care for these large aquariums can be quite costly which is probably one reason they fell out of favor during the recession. But if you have the space and the budget, a beautiful aquarium that is on trend is possible.


Built-in Aquiarium Inspiration | KitchAnn Style

Photo Credit: Mike Butler Photography

I really like this tall family room aquarium. The built-in itself is quite clean and would easily tie into a future remodel if the homeowners decided to change the style of the room.

For the ultimate in luxurious interior design consider this kitchen island aquarium by Dutch designer Robert Koleik. The Ocean Kitchen (Ocean ‘Keuken’) was custom designed by Koleik’s firm Eco Chic Design and can be commissioned in limited quantities.

Built-in Aquiarium Inspiration | KitchAnn Style

The aquarium island features a small sink, a linear cooktop, filter, automatic feeding system  and a hydraulic lift that raises the countertop – plumbing and gas line intact – for access to the aquarium below.

Built-in Aquiarium Inspiration | KitchAnn Style

I can’t believe the top doesn’t bow under its own weight as the single lift raises the top. I’ve read that the top is made of acrylic (Corian) but I’m not sure that’s correct since the gas hobs are installed directly in it. Regardless, it still has to be heavy.

Built-in Aquiarium Inspiration | KitchAnn Style


I do like  how the mirrored back makes this large aquarium look even bigger and makes you forget there is cabinetry on the back.



What I'm Obsessing Over

Bike Hanger | KitchAnn StyleI stumbled across a picture of this hanger and I thought it was a designer’s take on everyday objects modernized for hospitality use. Such as this hanger shown below from Doug Mockett that sells for $41.00. It looks cool, but it’s still just a hanger.

Hanger | KitchAnn Style

It turns out I was completely wrong. This hanger, designed for Biomega, by Paul Crofts Studio is a bicycle hanger for the fashion conscious.

“The products I have designed for Biomega are based on simple twists on everyday objects, from bike clips to a sponge to clean your bike. The design of the bike clip was to be produced from Laser cut sprung stainless steel. An accessory previously overlooked, my aim was to take the object from the mundane and purely functional to a level that was more in tune with jewelry and the quality of the Biomega bikes.”The Designers for Biomega focus on the product goal and general feel instead of the technologies involved. The result is that the Human-Machine interface seems simpler and is more in harmony with your feelings towards the product.

Biomega Bike Hanger | KitchAnn Style


Biomega Bikes

Biomega is a Copenhagen-based, Danish brand of designer bicycles.  launched in 1998 by Jens Martin Skibsted. It is known for engaging international designers from outside the bicycle industry—including Marc Newson, Ross Lovegrove, Beatrice Santiccioli  and Karim Rashid— in designing its products.

Biomega Bikes are the perfect Commuter Bicycles. Featuring Chainless bikes with shaft and belt-drive systems, it is possible to make your commute in fashionable clothing without the need to worry about grease getting on your clothes.  Biomega makes bicycles that are as much a work of art as they are extremely efficient modes of transportation.

Biomega Puma Bike  | KitchAnn Style

Biomega started collaborating with Puma under Antonio Bertone’s creative supervision. Skibsted designed the initial Puma bike, known as BOS / Boston for the Biomega portfolio. A folding mechanism allows the bike to be reduced in size by fifty percent to fit in tight spaces. Its main feature is a lock that is integrated within the structural framework. If a would-be thief breaks the lock, the bicycle breaks as well.

Biomega Bos Bike  | KitchAnn Style


Recently The NYC bike, designed by KiBiSi – a design firm co-founded by Biomega’s founder, Jens Martin Skibsted, the architect Bjarke Ingels, and industrial designer Lars Holme Larsen. was launched at Eurobike and Interbike 2014.

The NYC / New York city bike is based on Biomega’s innovative CPH / Copenhagen design, but reengineered it to include functions that make commuting safer and more comfortable. The NYC incorporates chainless cycling with its carbon fiber belt drive that transfers power to the rear wheel. While classic in silhouette, the NYC utilizes a integrated front mudguard within the aluminum down tube.

Both the New York Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMoMa) have Biomega bicycles in their collections.



Bird Light

I’ve had this bird light from Hommin bookmarked for a while. I think it is still pretty fantastic – it can be clipped on to an existing light bulb and instantly create some visual interest in a room.

birdlight | KitchAnn Style

birdlight | KitchAnn Style

birdlight | KitchAnn Style

Imagine how much better your laundry room would look or the expression on your child’s face when she discovers it.