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This week I’ve put together a collections of post from blogs I visit. It all happens to revolve around a Blue Theme. Enjoy.

Over on House Dazzle there is a lovely feature on Wiseman & Gale Interiors based in Scottsdale, AZ.

Kitchen Design Inspiration | KitchAnn Style

The Phoenix house is filled with colorful accents and a tasteful mix of pattern. The saturated blue on the island is amazing, don’t you think?

Marcus Design introduced me to the Chicago-based Residential Architectural firm Burns & Beyerl. I was immediately drawn to this “Urban Cabin” project. Another great use of pattern and color.

Kitchen Design Inspiration | KitchAnn Style

The architectural lines of this 4,000 square foot condo are kept open and clean. Terra cotta tile was selected to “warm the urban environment that it looks out upon.” The blue lacquered cabinet is my favorite detail.

If you’ve been dreaming if a summer getaway, perhaps you’ll enjoy checking out the recently revamped historic Chateau Guetsch hotel located in the Swiss Alps.

Interior Design Inspiration | KitchAnn Style

Décor Dose takes us on a luxurious tour featuring the work of celebrity designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard. I love the playful pattern used on the walls and seating. I imagine this bar takes on a whole new feeling in the evening with the light softly glowing off the gilt ceiling.

Art meets fashion on Tory Daily, the blog by fashion designer Tory Burch. Here she posts a wonderful feature on Des Artistes, an eco-conscious line of conceptual tees created in collaboration with notable and emerging artists.

Design Inspiration and Reading | KitchAnn Style

The model is wearing Blue Wolf by Jérôme Karsenti.

Around the Web November 2008

blackboardshelfBrown Turtleneck Sweater is a wonderful blog with decorating and entertaining ideas you’ll love to bookmark.  Here’s a photo from Brittnye’s Blog that shows another use for Chalkboard Paint.  By painting the back of the shelving dark the objects on display really stand out.  The paint is also a great way to make a new shelving unit look instantly older.  You can personalize this further by writing out a daily menu.  If you are entertaining guests you can list your feature coffee bean next to the coffee machine.

If you like to watch HGTV, you’re going to love visiting Interior Designer Kenneth Brown‘s Blog.  His popular TV shows “reDesign” on HGTV and “Over Designed” on TLC have help catapult him to being one of the most sought-after interior designers in Los Angeles.  In one of his posts he gives easy examples of how to use containers and backyard cuttings to freshen up a room.

pinkroseOver at decorology, another fabulous design blog, you can get a pictorial tour of the home of Patti Silverman.  The white on white palette is stunning.  You would never use the word sterile to describe this home.  All the posts have beautiful pictures for providing lots of inspiration.

A life’s design has a great post showing re-purposed industrial items.  This is another well thought-out site great for inspiration.  I also really enjoyed the post showing some great alternatives for decorating with seasonal pumpkins.

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