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A little over a year ago I wrote about Electrolux’s agreement to buy GE’s appliance division this year.


In July the Department of Justice asked a federal court to stop Sweden’s Electrolux, which makes Frigidaire, Kenmore and Tappan appliances, from buying GE’s appliance business for $3.3 billion and has said the deal would push prices up by five percent.

Recent developments to the case has Electrolux AB seeking to retract notable testimony by its chief executive in the antitrust trial.

Under questioning from the Justice Department’s Steven Kramer, Electrolux Chief Executive Keith McLoughlin acknowledged that the company’s annual reports and other documents had repeatedly described the U.S. market for appliances as relatively consolidated compared to the more fragmented European market.

Pushed by Kramer to acknowledge that fewer players in a market would lead to less price competition, McLoughlin said: “Oh, my word, I haven’t said that at all.”


The Justice Department is focusing on lower end kitchen appliances, the type that home builders put in new houses and apartments or consumers buy at big box stores. Electrolux, GE and Whirlpool make up about 88 percent of the stoves and ovens sold to big builders and property managers. The Government maintains the combined company and Whirlpool Corp. would dominate the U.S. cooking appliances market, creating what’s known as a duopoly. The result for consumers, the government says, would be high prices for consumers.

Electrolux’s position is that price pressure in the appliance market protects customers. The Swedish appliance maker has also said the Justice Department’s opposition to the acquisition is “wholly inconsistent” with the government’s 2006 decision to approve Whirlpool’s acquisition of Iowa-based Maytag, a home and commercial appliance manufacturer.

“I’m convinced the only proposal, the only remedy, the government would find acceptable would be for Electrolux to essentially divest itself of its entire business in the United States,” said Joe Sims, an attorney for the Swedish company. “That obviously would not be a solution that would preserve the value of the transaction.”

Will Electrolux have to sell off Hotpoint or Monogram to make the deal go through or will a settlement be reached by the end of December? You can follow the trail U.S. v. Electrolux, 15-01039, U.S. District Court, District of Columbia (Washington) for more information.


On December 7th GE announced it terminated its agreement to sell their Appliances business to Electrolux and will now pursue other options. GE is entitled to a break-up fee of $175 million from Electrolux

2016 Update:

Haier’s proposed $5.4 billion purchase of GE’s appliance business has passed a major hurdle, having received a thumb’s up from the U.S. Department of Justice. This bid followed a failed $3.3 billion buyout attempt by Sweden’s Electrolux


Electrolux Grand Cuisine

Electrolux Grand Cuisine |KitchAnn Style
If you fell in love with the collaboration between Electrolux and Molteni, the iconic French range manufacturer; you are sure to be impressed with the professional suite of appliances in the Grand Cuisine offering from Electrolux.

Electrolux Grand Cuisine |KitchAnn Style

Designed with the masters in mind, and already established in the kitchens of Alain Ducasse and Tom Aikens, the Grand Cuisine aims to bring the techniques of the upper echelons of gourmet cooking within reach.

There are nine appliances that make up the Electrolux Grand Cuisine range: a combination steam oven, blast chiller, induction cooktop (induction zone), gas cooktop (gas hob), stainless steel griddle (sear hob),  round-bottomed induction wok (surround induction zone), vacuum sealer, bespoke ventilation and stand mixer. To have all eight fitted for your kitchen will set you back $107,000, and excluding the ventilation and the Molteni Range.

Electrolux launched the line in Europe in 2012 with 2013 slated for the US release. While the majority of households struggle to reconcile rising healthcare and fuel prices, the executives at Electrolux say they have spotted a gap in the market with the popularity of cooking programs.

Electrolux describes Grand Cuisine as the first professional cooking system for home use, and the first to allow consumers “to fully recreate Michelin-star restaurant experiences” in their own kitchens.

The Electrolux Grand Cuisine user interface makes cooking as simple, or as complex, as you want it to be. Choose Manual, Program or Automatic Mode simply using a touchscreen. Anything you cook today, you can also cook with Electrolux Grand Cuisine appliances.

To give you full confidence, the Electrolux Grand Cuisine Cooking System comes complete with a private cooking session in your home with a top chef.

Grand Cuisine Combo Steam Oven | KitchAnn Style

The Combination Oven is a large steam oven fitted with sensors to control humidity. Use the 6 sensor probe to detect food’s coolest core temperature.

 Grand Cuisine Blast Chiller | KitchAnn Style

Food rom the oven or cooktop can go directly into the blast chiller, rapidly reducing temperature to store or freeze. Blast chilling doesn’t allow time for the large ice crystals to form that can destroy food taste and texture.

Grand Cuisine Induction Cooktop | KitchAnn Style

You can use the entire cooktop surface of the Grand Cuisine Induction Zone for cooking, because pot detection technology knows exactly where the pot needs heat. There is also an option to set the cooktop from hot to cool across the surface.

Grand Cuisine Gas Hob | KitchAnn Style

The Gas Hob evenly heats with Electolux’s patented Flower Flame burners that automatically adjust to pan size. The brass burners come in two sizes – the 5.5 kW and the 3.0 kW.

Grand Cuisine Sear Hob | KitchAnn Style

The energy-efficient Sear Hob has a stain resistant and odor repellent chrome plated stainless steel surface that requires no oil so it is ideal for healthy cooking. It seals in juices without mixing flavors.

Grand Cuisine Induction zone| KitchAnn Style

The Grand Cuisine Surround Induction Zone is perfectly curved to match the shape of your eastern-style round-bottomed pan and heat it evenly from all sides. The induction wok cooktop is also ideal for steaming, poaching boiling, searing and stewing.

Grand Cuisine Vacuum Sealer  | KitchAnn Style

Enjoy sous vide cooking at home just like a Master Chef with Grand Cuisine precision Vacuum Sealer. Additionally, you can store pre-prepared foods and ingredients under vacuum for days, weeks or even months.

Grand Cuisine Stand Mixer | KitchAnn Style

The Grand Cuisine Stand Mixer features the planetary movement technology, ergonomic patented bowl lift system, removable stainless bowl guard, aluminum cover and a rage of professional attachments for mixing, kneading and whipping.

Electrolux Aurora Induction Cooktop

Electrolux AuroraI think Australians have a different idea of low-profile design than we do here.  The new Aurora Induction cooktop from Electrolux is called low-profile but it stands two inches tall.  I think this makes cleaning more difficult but many people are excited about the look of the Aurora.

The  Aurora cooktop stands out from other cooktops with it’s LED perimeter lighting and case of white Corian.  The unit is controlled by a touch pad on the white patterned glass top.

The cooktop received an Australian Design Mark. It retails (in Australia only) for $10,000 AUD or approximately $7,050 USD.

Many descriptions I have read describe the Aurora as an appliance that is ideal for open design plans.  Even though the unit has a child safety lock, the installation shown is not considered safe for people walking past the rear of the island.  They could potentially be burned by steam or grease.



Another thing to consider before splurging on this cooktop is that Corian is not heat resistant. 

While induction cooktops are known for not putting out heat; you should be aware that after the food gets hot it will radiate heat to the pot. If the pot is warm enough and comes in contact with the Corian base, you could scorch it.

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Kitchen Star

Electrolux is celebrating it’s 90th anniversary by creating a photo exhibit and on-line gallery of 90 customers and their most memorable kitchen experience.

If you’d like to be an Electrolux Kitchen Star, email a picture of yourself preferably with a view of the kitchen appliance with a short description of your Kitchen Star moment to

You could write about when you proposed to your wife in the kitchen or when you cooked your first big Holiday meal all by yourself.

The selected 90 Kitchen Stars will receive the iconic Electrolux ErgoRapido in addition to being featured in a photo exhibition.  Good Luck!

Electrolux Kitchen Star      ErgoRapido

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