Waterproof Hardwood Flooring is Trending

Waterproof hardwood flooring
We love installing hardwood floors for their warmth and beauty. With new advances in technology allowing hardwood flooring to stand up to today’s life challenges while keeping its natural good looks, it’s no wonder waterproof hardwood flooring is trending.

Waterproof Hardwood Flooring is Trending
Mohawk Ultrawood Collection

After a year at home has left most of us wanting a naturalistic interior, light, cerused oak is the foundation most requested by homeowners because it complements nearly every interior style from Contemporary to Scandinavian to Eclectic Glamour.

Is It Really Real Wood?

Yes. Although the processes seems to vary between manufacturers, engineered real wood veneer is sealed in a way that prevents moisture from leaking through the gaps thus stopping mold, mildew and subfloor damage. Special plank locking systems also warrant against water seepage.

Waterproof Hardwood is Trending
Hartco Hydroblok Collection

Sustainably Sourced

Engineered wood utilizes a lot less of the tree per plank than solid hardwoods, making it a more environmentally sustainable, natural product. Many waterproof hardwood flooring manufacturers are also producing domestically which reduces the high embodied cost and environmental impact of shipping products from overseas.

Shaw Floorté Hardwood Series

Low VOC Waterproof Flooring

Covid-19 forced many of us inside with an unprecedented shift in the way we live, work, and play. That shift has sparked an awakening in the interest in indoor air quality (IAQ). Many non-wood waterproof flooring options including laminate and vinyl can add VOCs to your home. 3rd party certifications awarded to manufacturers can help provide valuable information when shopping flooring. Top certifications include SCS Global Services Indoor Air Advantage Gold and FloorScore certification

Antimicrobial Technology and Cleanability

Actual waterproof hardwood flooring is safe for wet-mopping. New coatings not only prevent dirt from building up. they also add durability against dents and color fading. Some top layers also include antimicrobial technology that inhibits the growth of bacteria on the floor surface, thus providing an added degree of confidence in for use in bathrooms and laundries.

Waterproof Hardwood is Trending
via Floor Covering News

Unique Patterns

While imitation wood products might have only 4 to 7 patterns offered in a flooring collection, waterproof hardwood floors is actual wood so every plank is unique. There’s also beauty in wood imperfections such as knots.

Read the Fine Print

Don’t be fooled by marketing hype. Some floors may only offer 24 hour water protection while another might offer 72. Read the fine print for not only the material but also the installation requirements. Warranties can also vary. Mohawk is the only company I know of that offers a lifetime warranty. I’ve also seen 50 years which seems pretty good since many people remodel once every 20 years or so.

2014 Tile Trends

Tile Trends 2014 Subway | KitchAnn Style

What’s going to be hot this year in tile? It seems many trends from 2013 will continue to reign supreme. The palette is mostly neutral – nuanced and sophisticated; balanced equally between warm and cool tones with a heavy emphasis on grays and muted tones.


Tile Trends 2014 Subway | KitchAnn Style

The Beveled subway tile and 3D tile adds dimension, depth and interest to a basic geometric shape. Look for large tiles scored to look like smaller tiles.

Tile Trends 2014 Subway | KitchAnn Style


Patterned tiles continue to be popular in 2014, such as the classic encaustic tiles from 2013. The vintage look is still the effect you should be striving for in your home, and ceramic tiles which imitate original encaustic tiles are excellent for creating this look.

Tile Trends 2014 Encaustic | KitchAnn Style

2014’s encaustic wall and floor tiles have gone a little bit Boho: a slightly softer look which was popular in Europe between the two wars. Try to recreate this style with ever-so slightly faded ceramic tiles in complementing shades.

Tile Trends 2014 Encaustic | KitchAnn Style

Create an eclectic feel by going for a mismatch effect. Apply tiles to walls for a fresh feel and to accentuate a room.

Tile Trends 2014 Encaustic | KitchAnn Style


Geometric shapes such as hexagons and fashion inspired Victorian reliefs or herringbone patterns offer a fresh vantage point – outside the rectangular or square box.

Tile Trends 2014 Geometric | KitchAnn Style

Many tiles have a vintage hand-craft feel to them. This trend also works well mixed with others for a fusion style.

Tile Trends 2014 Geometric | KitchAnn Style

Gloss & Glitz

Highly polished tiles that look like stone are starting to be replaced by the tiles that look like polished wood.

Tile Trends 2014 Geometric Wood | KitchAnn Style

This trends lends itself well to being combined with the geometric trend – especially with a herringbone pattern.

2014 Glossy Wood | KitchAnn Style

Stone Effect

Rather than mimicking one stone the latest collections will have elements of several different types of stones and marbles and toned them to the same neutral color palette. This creates a unique stone look that can only be created with the latest inkjet-decorated ceramics.

Tile Trends 2014 Stone Effect| KitchAnn Style

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Exotic Hardwood Floor

Exotic Hardwood Flooring | KitchAnn StyleA great way to make a room a showcase is to install exotic wood flooring.
According to Shannon, who blogs at Floor Talk! exotic wood floors will set your home apart from others that have more traditional wood flooring.
Over 60 species of exotic woods exists around the world.  Popular flooring choices include Santos, Mahogany, Brazilian Walnut, Tiete Rosewood, Brazilian Teak and Amendoim.  The flooring is available solid or engineered.
Like any unique flooring or design purchase, be sure to view or request several different samples to see the range of color and grain in the floor. These natural characteristics are part of what makes the item exotic.

Also make sure you understand how hard your wood floor will be.  Many people are under the misguided notion that hardwood floors will not dent under heavy pressure.